10 Sure-fire Ways to Make Your Catering Business to Stand Out from all Others.

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There are many catering businesses around you. The competition is much. However, you can make your catering business to be distinguished from others if you pay attention to some factors that others may overlook. If you want to beat the competition in catering business, follow these 10 steps.

1. Define your scope and focus on it.

Define the area of focus that you can adequately and excellently satisfy. Define your menu and stick with it. Don’t accept deals outside what you can adequately deliver. There are a variety of cuisines and dishes. Don’t claim that you can prepare all of them – Chinese, Continental, European, American, Italian, African dishes. Your reputation is on the line. Only dishes and cuisines that you have the capacity to deliver should be on your menu.

You should keep increasing your capacity to prepare and deliver more variety of dishes by going for training or hiring staff that can prepare these dishes. However, not until you have done that, do not include the dish in your menu and don’t succumb to the pressure to do that.

2. Make quality meals.

This is important. Ensure that your meals are tasty. Use the right ingredients and spices in the right proportions. If you can’t prepare quality dishes, employ someone who can. Treat your clients to the best taste and they will always come back calling you for more deals. Not only that, they will be pleased to recommend you to others.

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3. Add value and style to your meal presentation / serving.

A tasty meal poorly packaged and served will not help the reputation of your business. Package and present your food in a very attractive and appealing manner. Seek to give excellent and top-notch service to your clients.

 4. Ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Make sure your office area and equipment are clean and package your food properly and in a neat way. Ensure that you and your staff dress well and neat in the appropriate uniforms and catering clothing. Use hand gloves when preparing meals. A very tasty food served by dirty caterers will not appeal to anyone. Pay good attention to preparation, handling, serving of the meals. Ensure that all these are done with the best hygiene and make all your staff to be aware of the need for cleanliness and ensure that they are committed to it.

 5. Keep to time.

Catering business involves preparing and serving foods at events. Ensure that the food is ready and available at the event venue on time. Punctuality to the event venues will boost your reputation and endear you to your clients.

6. Only take as much jobs that you can satisfy or handle.

Ensure that you have a work schedule contain all the bookings you. Your booking schedule should have the dates of all the deals that you are to satisfy. Before you accept new deals, ensure to check your schedule to be sure that the date is free. Your reputation is on the line if you accept too many deals and then you can’t adequately satisfy them or when you have to pull out from a deal just because you got a better deal. Don’t accept a deal that you cannot handle.

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7. Create a website for your business.

This is important as it will help you to showcase your services to the world without geographical limitation and boundary. Your website is your online office. People can see all your services and even make their bookings without coming to your physical office. You can contact us to help you design a professional website for your business.

8. Network with event planners.

Partner with as much even planners that you can because most times their clients will most likely need the services of a caterer and their clients would most likely accept their recommendation. Event planners are in the good position to recommend you as a caterer to their clients.

9. Incorporate multiple avenues for advertising

As your business grows, try to use more means of advertising your business. Use flyers, word of mouth, collaboration, radio, TV, newspaper, but don’t overshoot your budget. Be deliberate in your marketing. Good marketing will help you to develop and showcase your brand to the as much people as possible.

10. Get feedback

Getting feedback from all your clients should be deliberately done and it should be included into your system of operations. Listen to your clients and pay attention to customer complaints and take note of their concerns and recommendations, so as to ensure continuous improvement of your business.

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