10 Unique Steps to Set-up a Standard Auto Mechanic Workshop

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Contrary to what many think, auto mechanics are well trained professionals who carry out repairs and maintenance of various automobiles or vehicles. Some specialize in a specific vehicle brand, while others specialize in a variety of vehicle brands. Therefore, being a mechanic is one profession that the world will continue to need as long as there are automobiles and other means of transportation.

You must not be an auto mechanic before you can own a mechanic workshop. If you have the passion for this business, you can set it up by recruiting qualified mechanics to work for you. Below are the basic steps you can take to set up your own mechanic workshop today:

1. Decide on the type of vehicle brands you wish to specialize on: You can choose to specialize on Japanese vehicles or American vehicles or German brands. Its always better to be known as an expert for a type of brand then a jack of all trades and a master of none. When you have determined the type of vehicle brands that you wish to specialize on, then you are ready for the next step – getting the brand specific training to fix the vehicles of that brand.

2. Get trained: If the business is going to be a sole proprietorship, whereby you will be carrying out the repairs yourself, then you will need to get trained as a mechanic. There are several technical training centers you can enroll at to get trained. Another option would be to go to an already existing auto mechanic workshop and  apply to work for free to learn.

However, if you don’t  wish to get involved directly in the business, you will just need to employ qualified auto mechanics that will run the business operations for you.

3. Get the necessary licences: Some countries mandate that you must get certain licences before you can set up and auto mechanic workshop. if this is the case in your country, please endeavour to get these licences before you commence operations. In many African countries, there are no licences aside the normal business registrations with the corporate affairs commission.

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4. Develop a business plan:  Yes. Just as with every other business start up, you need to develop a business plan in order to articulate and synergise your strategies. In your business plan you will consider the needed financial requirements for the business, feasibility studies, profit and loss projections, break even analysis, marketing strategies and other vital considerations that would ensure your success in the business.

5. Get a good location for your workshop: A good location is very key to the success of most businesses and an auto mechanic business is no exception. It’s is preferable to site your auto mechanic workshop along a busy major road that is easily accessible to potential clients.

6. Purchase the needed tools and equipment: No auto mechanic workshop can function well with the proper tools and equipment. The right equipment and tools will make your work faster and better. Get quality tools of various types and sizes. Some needed tools and equipment includes: set of spanners, set of toque wrenches, hammer, hydraulic press, a jack, a saw, screw drivers, mallets, overhead crane, pulley extractors, set of sockets and wrenches. etc.

7. Recruit qualified staff: You need qualified staff to make a success of this business. You will need a qualified mechanics, a cashier, security personnel, cleaners. You many not get all these staff initially, but as you progress, you might want to recruit most of them to grow the business and improve the standard.

8. Create a standard operating procedure for your business operation: Your business needs a standard operating procedure to succeed and to stand out from the crowd. Here is a sample procedure you can follow:

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  • Client bring their vehicle to the workshop.
  • A qualified team listens to the clients’ complaints and carry out diagnosis on the clients’ vehicle.
  •  A costing personnel works with the diagnostic team determine the required cost of fixing he vehicle including the cost of spare parts needed.
  • The client is given the bill to pay for the repair work.
  • The client pays  the bill to the cashier and takes the receipt of payment to the repair team.
  • The repair team does the repair or maintenance work on the vehicle to the satisfaction of the client.

9. Open your business to clients:  When you have put in place the recommendations in options 1 to 8 above, it’s now time to open your doors to clients.

10. Spread the word about your business: Depending on your budget, endeavour to use all marketing and business promotional strategies that are available to you. use word of mouth advert, distribute flyers and your business cards, use social media adverts, use radio and television adverts and etc.

Bonus Tips to Enable Your Auto Mechanic Workshop to Stand Out From All Others:

1. You can also create a clean and conducive clients waiting room fitted with air conditioners, television set and provision for purchase of cold drinks and snacks. This will increase the overall standard of your mechanic workshop.

2. You can have a section of the mechanic workshop for stocking of highly demanded vehicles spare parts and consumables like oil filters, lubrication oil, oil seals, adhesives, Teflon tapes and etc so that your clients can easily buy from you instead of going else where to purchase the items.

3. Put clients’ satisfaction at the front burner of your business operations. Ensure that your clients are satisfied with the quality of your work and your relations with them. A satisfied client will tell promote your business while a dissatisfied client will spread bad words about your business.

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4. Your mechanics must wear clean branded overall  work clothes at all times while at work and they must look need neat.

5. The auto mechanic work shop should be clean and tidy. Don’t spill oil on the floor, instead contain your waste oil and dispose properly.


Setting up an auto mechanic workshop is one lucrative business you can have today, because a long as there are cars, people will always need the services of good auto mechanics.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, you must not be a mechanic to own a mechanic workshop because you can set up the business and employ auto mechanics.

Many car owners are looking for a standard auto mechanic workshop better than the dirty and crude workshops we see around us today. If you follow the steps given above, you will carve out a niche for yourself as a standard auto mechanic workshop in your country.

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