10 Vital Reasons Why You Should Have a Website for Your Business

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In this age of information technology, having a business without an online presence will not help you compete favourably with your competitors. You need to take your business online on several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and several others. This is very useful in branding your business and in product marketing.

As your business grows, then you should move beyond having social media pages for your business. You need to step up by having a business website. If you have a growing business and you don’t have a business website you might be missing out on a lot of benefits in this age of information and technology.

If you think that you don’t need a website for your growing business, you might be wrong. You need a business website for several reasons. I have shared the vital reasons why you shouldn’t allow your business to be left out by not  having a business website.

1. A business website helps you reach more prospective customers and clients beyond your geographical boundaries –  Your business can offer products and services globally via a website. A website moves your business from the local to the global or international sphere. If you do not have a business website, your reach will be limited to people within the area your business is physically located.

2. A business website helps to add professionalism to your business – Most of your competitors have a business website. Why would you be left out? Customers have more regard to businesses that have online presence. Your business will be taken more  seriously when you go the extra mile to create a business website.

3. It is a cheaper and very effective way of advertisement –  Radio, television, magazines, bill boards are all means of advertising your business. However, these methods can be expensive and limited in reach.

If you have a  physical shop, you will have to renew your office or shop rent annually. Most times, the rent fees are high. However, once your business website is active, you mainly need to renew your annual hosting subscription to keep it online, which is very affordable.  You can even have a business website and not have a physical shop or office. You website can serve as your online shop and office. People view your product catalogue, pictures and details on your website and place their order. When you receive orders, you can send the products from your home or warehouse to your customers using courier services.

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This makes a business website less expensive and has a wider reach. People can access your online store from any part of the world from the comfort of their homes without having to see you physically.

4. It can aid customers relation and satisfaction – On your website, you can provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs and their answers about your business which customer can access. This saves the time of having to explain to each customer about the same issues or questions.

Customers can also ask questions and get answers regarding their concerns from your website’s email address. When you have a new information you wish to pass to your customers, you can let them know by  featuring the information on your website’s home or news page.

5. It gives credibility to your business and services – As I said earlier, most people are more comfortable doing business with a firm with an online presence. Having a website shows that you are not hiding anything and that your business is legitimate.

Most times, before customers get into business transaction with someone or a firm, they carry out compliance checks on the company or entrepreneur online. They search for the company on google and social media to see how the company is viewed by the public.

Also, when you have a website, you have the opportunity to have a customised company email address which gives your company more credibility.  As a company, it is better and more official to use email address in the form : “admin@your company name.com” than to use a regular  free yahoomail or Gmail for your company transactions. For example, the official email address of our company, Myafribusiness is : info@myafribusiness.com

6. You can track your customers needs and interests from your business website – On your website’s administrative dashboard, you can track the most clicked or most viewed products and services. You can view and compare your products demand statistics if you have a business website. There are several plugins that make this very easy to track.

Tracking this information makes it easier to know what your customers are looking for so that you can easily satisfy their needs more efficiently and promptly.

7. A business website can help to increase your sales – You reach thousands of people from different parts of the globe when you have a business website. This can help to create an upward trend in your product sales.

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When more people know about your products, the more likely are they to buy them. In addition to other means of advertisement and marketing, your business website is an effective medium of attracting more customers and sales to your business.

8. A business website can help to facilitate  online transactions for your business Customers can view your product catalogue on your website, place orders and make payments without having to visit your physical shop.
I have bought several things from China, but I haven’t been to China. How was this possible? I bought them from Alibaba.com  – one of the world’s largest online market platform. I viewed the pictures and products information as published by the seller on Alibaba.com, placed my orders and paid for the products using PayPal.

I have also bought several items from the U.S.A using my MasterCard. For example, you can buy almost anything you want, ranging from books, groceries, equipment, clothes etc from  amazon. You can even buy very affordable business, investing and other kinds of books from amazon.

All these wouldn’t have been possible, if there was nothing like a business website.

9. A business website helps you as an entrepreneur to build new connections – You can reach many people and build good networks through your website. I have made several contacts with several entrepreneurs from different countries. This is one good benefit you obtain by having a business website.

You can connect with suppliers for your raw materials and meet new professionals that can help make your services better. You can rub minds with other experts in your field and network as appropriate. A business website makes all these easily achievable.

10. A business website makes your business doors open 24/7 – While physical offices and shops get closed for business at night, via a website , your business doors are always open 24 hours each day and 7 days each week, even when your are asleep. Isn’t this great?

Your online business doors are always open. Transactions can go on at anytime of the day. In fact, your online business is mobile and can be done while traveling or from your bed at the comfort of your home. I have responded to several emails and even posted several articles on my website from my bed, at night using my smart phone. This is the beauty of having a business website.

We Can Help You Create a Good Website at a Low Cost

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Yes, we can actually help you create a good website be it: personal website, educational website, organisation website, blog, e-commerce website etc. Website development, management are among the variety of services that myafribusiness.com offers.

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What you stand to gain if we help you develop a website or blog 

Unlike other web developers, you stand to gain many benefits from having us help you develop a website or blog for you. These include:

1. We offer our services to you at affordable cost.

2. We provide mentoring to you even after the website is developed and handed over to you.

3. We add security features to your website or blog against hackers.

4. We add backup features to your website or blog to enable your your to bounce back easily in the event of a crash.

5. We also provide search engine optimisation, SEO features to your website or blog which would help your blog contents to rank very well on search engines like Google and others. We will help most of your blog contents to appear on Google’s first page.

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