11 Tips That Will Help You Get Your Google Adsense Application Easily Approved

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Google Adsense is one of the best ways many bloggers, website owners and even app owners make money online. There are many other ways of making money online as I explained in 20 proven ways you can make online by spending almost nothing.  Adsense is a paid per click program whereby promoters pays Google to put adverts on the websites that are enlisted with Google and pays Google in light of the measure of clicks on the advertisements by website guests. At that point Google pays a piece of the cash it is paid by the sponsors to the proprietors of the sites.

Be that as it may, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. To start with, you need to meet Google’s criteria before Google can affirm your site or blog for its Adsense program. Numerous solicitations for the program are being rejected on the grounds that they do not meet Google’s criteria. In the wake of being endorsed by Google for the program, Google gives you a code which you put at the backend of your site, before Google adverts will start running on your site. You stand a shot of being suspended from the program on the off-chance that you abuse Google’s arrangement for the program.

Why many bloggers experience difficulties in getting approved for the Google Adsense program

Most applications for the Adsense program are rejected by Google. In fact, most applications are likely to be rejected. I have seen bloggers who have applied several times and suffered multiple rejections.

Most times these rejections is because the sites do not meet the guidelines laid out by Google for eligibility for the program. Most blogger are always in haste to apply without first assessing their chances of getting approved. I know you want to start making money as soon as possible, but then, you have to meet the laid down criteria.

This blog was approved the very first time we applied. We were not in haste, we were more concerned with giving value to our readers. We took time to assess our chances of getting approved and ensured we met all the requirements for eligibility. When you submit your website or blog to Google for approval for the Adsense program, your website or blog will be reviewed by both a human being and a software or robot. Therefore, you should do everything possible and put everything in place to the best if your capacity to pass both the human and robot approval.

Tips for getting approved easily for the Google Adsense program

Here are tips that we applied and which we believe will help your application for the Google Adsense program to be approved easily. Note that the tips given here are based on personal experience and from the laid down criteria for eligibility by Google.

1. Ensure that your website looks good, well organised neatly structured and designed. Google loves to advertise on websites where the visitors have good user experience. Use a good theme for your website or blog. There are  WordPress themes that have very good structure and features.
I recommend you get a good, reliable and cheap domain name and hosting from Namecheap.  They are one of the best domain hosting companies in the world. I love them more because of their excellent  customer service.

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Get a good web designer to help you design your blog or to restructure your already existing blog. We can actually help you do this. We can help you design your blog or website from the scratch or review your already existing website and restructure it so that it will be more attractive and beautiful. If your need this service, contact us.

2. Write a good quantity of original content.
There is no definite number of published blog posts or articles you are required to have before applying for Google Adsense. However, I recommend that you should have at least 20 published blog posts or articles on your blog or website before applying. We had about 54 original published articles on this blog before we applied for the Adsense program. Original content implies that your article should not be copied from another website. If you are into “copying and pasting ” and then publishing, you will hardly get approved.

If you must copy another person’s work, make sure your summarize it and reproduce the article in your own words and language.  Google has the capacity to detect duplicate and plagiarized content. And if most of your articles are not original, you won’t get approved. If you have a news blog, try to reproduce article in your own words and credit your source if you must copy.

Also, it is good practice to publish articles that have at least 600 words each. As you may have noticed, almost all of our articles on this blog have over 1000 words. Insufficient content won’t help you rank well on Google search engine and it could impede the growth of your blog and prevent your Adsense approval.

3. Ensure that you have some vital pages on your website. These pages include:

–  About page: This is a very vital page on any website or blog. It helps your readers and visitors to know more about you and your mission. It helps them to really understand what the blog or website is all about and helps them to connect more with you and the website.

Contact page: This page helps readers and visitors to know that you are reachable and accessible. It also helps them to connect with you more and ask further questions and seek further help and assistance if need be. I have been able to relate with many of my readers through the contact page of this blog.
Apart from being a criteria by Google, it is also very vital for the growth of your website or blog.

Privacy policy: This page is basically intended to  let your visitors know that any information about them which your get to have access to through your website or blog is in safe hands and won’t be used for any dubious purpose.
You may not have to write this policy on your own, just search online and you will find several free privacy policy generators. All you need to do is to provide your details and the software will generate a privacy policy for you. You can then customise or review the generated privacy to suit your purpose and use.

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Those are basically the most important pages required that your blog or website should have to facilitate Adsense approval.

4. Your website should be at least 6 months old. Google explicitly stated this requirement in their eligibility guidelines for approval for the Adsense program. However, there are some bloggers who have had their blogs approved for the Adsense program even when their blogs were not up to 6 months old. Probably, the  reason they succeeded could be because, they met other criteria that are listed in here.
However, to be on the safe side, just wait until your blog or website is at least 6 months old. We applied for the Adsense program for this site when it was exactly 6 months old and it got approved immediately.

5. Remove all advertisements from other ad networks before applying for Adsense. You could still get approved if you leave the ads on the site, but to be on the safe side remove them. You can add them after you get approved. Even  after approval, not all ad  networks can still  be allowed along side Google Adsense in your blog or  website. Your Adsense  program could be suspended. Avoid allowing competing ad networks together with Google Adsense on your site.
See Google’s guidelines on using other ad networks together with Adsense

6. Use a Gmail address or account when applying for the program. This is not stated in Google’s eligibility guidelines for the program. However, this is what I did. It is just common sense. Gmail is owned by Google and I think they will be pleased that you associate with their product. However, this is my personal view. If you don’t a Gmail account, create one.

7. Add your picture to the author’s bio page or the about us page. Again, this is not compulsory. But Google love it when you are real and accessible to your visitors. I actually did this. Don’t worry, you can still remove your picture once you get approved.

8. Avoid contents that violates Google requirements. There should be no copy right infringement, adult or pornographic material, illegal drugs, hate speech, violence, gambling and terrorism, weapons related, alcohol and tobacco related content, shocking content, illegal content etc in your blog or website. See Google Adsense content policy.

Also, not all languages are allowed for the Adsense program. See languages that Adsense supports.

9. Ensure you are getting fair amount of daily visitors to your site. It is better if most of your site visitors are organic – referred by search engines like the Google, Bing or Yahoo or from other sites where you have displayed links to your site. Google Adsense program is basically intended to advertise products to visitors on your site. Therefore, it makes no much sense to approve a site that is not getting any visitors.
Note that the amount of visitors don’t necessarily have to be very large before you get approved, but it should be sizable.
When we applied for google Adsense, we had  an average daily page views of 100 to 150 and most of the visitors were referred by organic.

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10. You must be 18 years and above as the owner of the blog or website. This is in accordance with Google’s eligibility guidelines which states that the owner of the blog or website applying for the Adsense program should be no lesser than 18 years of age. See Google’s age requirement.

11. Get into less saturated blogging niche. Some blogging niche seems to be saturated and application for these niche are more less likely to be approved for the Adsense program. Some examples may include  areas that have to do with blogging,  online money-making, SEO and website stuffs, marketing.  Getting into a less saturated niche could increase your chances of getting approved too. Write more articles in order less saturated areas. This is in line with Google’s corporate mission, which is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”


If you follow all the tips given above and you meet the Google Adsense eligibility guidelines, your Adsense application should be approved. However, the final decision to approve or not to approve your application still remains with Google.

If you get approved, you can come back to the comment page below to let me know that you made it so I can congratulate you. If your application is rejected, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. You can still keep making money from other affiliate programs. Also, you need to note the reasons stated in Google’s rejection email to you. You can correct or improve in the areas they pointed out and after few months, you can reapply for the program. You could be approved this time.

Aside from the Google Adsense program, there are numerous ways you can make money online. See 20 proven ways you can make money online by spending almost nothing .

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      I suggest you read the rejection mail from Google very careful and pay attention to why your application was rejected. Then correct the areas and reapply.

      Some persons have been approved after initial rejection and reappling.

      Also, you can apply for other networks that are alternatives to Google adsense.

      Best regards.

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