12 Most Profitable Crops Farming Businesses in Nigeria and Africa

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Commercial crops farming is profitable because people must eat to survive. Food is at the top in the hierarchy of the basic needs of man. Therefore, anyone that is involved in farming will always be in business.

In this article, I have explained 12 crops farming you should consider going into. The list is in no special order. However, the selected crops were considered based on the amount of demand for the crop and the time it would take for you to start harvesting the crop after cultivation. I hope you would find this list useful.

1. Cassava farming – this is one of the best crop farming that gives many people a lot of income in Nigeria. Cassava farming is one of the favourite crop farming in Nigeria because it is easy to cultivate using cassava stems, the time between cultivation and harvesting of cassava  is about 8 to 12 months which is not too long, there is a ready market for the product. It doesn’t need the best of soil to grow. Cassava is the raw material for many food products like garri, cassava flour used in making bread and cakes and other snacks, and even ethanol.

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2. Maize farming – this is another crop that is loved by many Nigerians. It can be eaten roasted or boiled. Also, when milled processed, it can be used to make pap. It can also be processed to produce corn flakes. It is, unfortunate that in Nigeria most farmers who cultivate maize do so only during rainy seasons. However, this crop can be produced all year round by means of irrigation. Commercial maize farming is highly recommended business as it takes about 3 months for maize to mature after planting.

3. Oil palm plantation – This is a good mine! Palm oil which is the major product of oil palm has many domestic and industrial applications which makes oil palm farming to a very lucrative business.
The only challenge of this business is the long time it takes before oil palm starts to produce fruits after planting which is about 3 to 4 years depending on the specie. However, once, your oil palm starts to produce, you have just dug a well of income for yourself  for many years.

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4. Rice farming – Rice is arguably the most eaten food world-wide and even in Nigeria! Every year Nigeria import thousands of metric tons of rice because of inability of the local farmers to meet the large market for rice.
Few people go into rice farming in Nigeria due to what is involved in it.
It is capital-intensive and it requires a well irrigated farm land. However, any business man or woman who would go into rice farming in Nigeria will generate a lot of revenue because the market for it is large. Rice takes about 4 to 5 months to mature after planting.

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5. Plantain plantation– This is another good and easy crop farming you can  do. It is one of my favourite. I have done this for several years now.

When plantain suckers are cultivated, It takes about 10 to 12 months before it starts to produce. This is not too long a time to wait before reaping the dividend of your investment in the business.
Plantain has an available market, as it can be eaten fried, roasted or boiled.

6. Fluted Pumpkin ( Ugu )  farming – this is one of the most eaten vegetables in Nigeria. This crop farming is great because it takes just a month to start harvesting your pumpkin after planting and you can keep harvesting up till 8 months after first harvest. It can be planted at your backyard, but for mass production you would need a larger land. It can be planted all year round with adequate irrigation.

7. Egusi Melon  farming – Egusi soup is one of the most popular soups in Nigeria, but only few people know how  the egusi seeds are produced. Egusi is the seeds of a specie of wild  melon. Many people do not go into egusi melon farming due to the stress involved in the extraction of the egusi seeds from the melon after maturity. This is one of the reasons why the product is quite expensive in the market. However, if you are determined to make money, you can go into the lucrative farming. It takes about 4 to 5 months after planting to harvest the egusi.

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8. Potatoes farming – this is another lucrative business. Potatoes cultivation is much easier than yam farming as you don’t need to mount long stands as in the case of yam farming.
Also, the yield of potatoes is very good. 4 to 5 months after cultivation, potatoes are ready for harvesting. I have done this type of farming and I can attest to that. In fact, in many cases, once you plant potatoes in a land, after harvesting when matured, the following year, you would see some  potatoes to harvest even without planting again.
Potatoes are loved by most people and this makes the marketing for the product to be easier.

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9. Beans farming – This is the major source of food protein to Nigerians as other sources of protein like egg and meat might be expensive to the poor. Beans is a choice food for many Nigerians which makes the cultivation of the crop lucrative. Beans takes about 2 to 3 months to mature after planting.

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10. Tomatoes – The demand for this product is very high. Tomatoes are needed raw for domestic use for preparation of stew, sauce and soup and for industrial use in the production of canned tomatoes.
Many tomatoes processing factories in Nigeria most times experience shortage of the product from local farmers which make them to import from neighbouring countries like Niger republic and Benin Republic.  This shows that if you set up your own tomatoes farming, you can be a supplier to both domestic and industrial buyers. It takes about 3 to 4 months to start harvesting your tomatoes after planting.

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11. Yam farming – Yam is loved by many Nigerians who eat it either as fried, boiled, porridge or as pounded yam taken with soup. In addition to domestic buyers, yam flour industries also buy yam for their production. Also, the period between cultivation and harvesting is about 4 to 5 months.

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12. Pineapples farming – This is another lucrative farming. It is needed both domestically as fruit and by fruit juice factories. After planting, pineapples take about 2 to 3 years before harvesting. Pineapples can fruit about 3 times during its lifetime after which you would have to replant.

These are good crop farming that can give you good revenue. It is one thing to get knowledge. However, what matters most is putting the knowledge into action.  Work towards starting one or more of these crop farming. You can start in a small-scale with a little piece of land just to test the waters yourself. I have done several of them and I still do them today part-time.

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Are you a farmer or an intending farmer? Let me know your thoughts about the crop farming listed above or any other crop farming you think should be on this list using the comment section below.

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