16 Unique Tips That Will Help You Succeed In Blogging

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Before I started blogging, I was very clueless as to how to achieve success in it. Possibly due to the fact that I didn’t prepare before going into blogging and I didn’t go into blogging to make money.

I discovered that I had the passion and knowledge about business, entrepreneurship, investing, wealth creation and I felt I needed to help others to get better at these. I believed that one of the best ways I could do this was through blogging. Also, since I had previous knowledge on website development, designing this blog from the scratch all by myself while sharing my ideas with people was great fun.

Today, what started casually without any preparation whatsoever, has grown into a blog with over 20,000 monthly viewers from over 100 countries ( about 106 countries as at the time of writing this ) of the world! And the blog is still growing rapidly.

Since I started blogging, I have learnt a lot from personal experience. I have made mistakes which I corrected immediately and learnt from. I have also made good progress.

As my way of helping up-coming bloggers, I have penned down these 16 tips that would help you succeed in blogging. If you apply these steps, you should succeed and even start making a considerable income from blogging.

1. Define your purpose for getting into blogging: Many people are going into blogging to make money. They think erroneously believe that blogging gives easy money. Yes, you can make money from blogging, however, this shouldn’t be your primary objective for deciding to be a blogger. Your core objective should be to provide value to people. It is in the process of providing value that money will come to you in return.

2. Choose your blog niche.
Ensure that your blog is focused on a niche that are passionate about. Don’t go into blogging about a niche just because you see others blogging about it. You should be passionate and knowledgeable about any niche you are going into. The reason is because, blogging requires hard work and it is not a get -rich- quick scheme. If you are not passionate and knowledgeable about your blogging niche, you will easily give up.

Some blogging niche includes: fashion, politics, religion, marriage and relationship, gossips and celebrity gist, news, jobs and vacancies, sports, tourism, university or college gists, technology and gadgets, motherhood and children upbringing, health etc.

3. Choose the right blogging platform: You have the choice of using blogger or WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Joomla, Weebly etc, as your blogging platform. Most bloggers prefer using WordPress because it is user friendly in addition to other benefits. Avoid going for free hosted blog platform. People won’t take you serious if you do this and your ability to make money from a free hosted blogging platform is highly limited.

4.Ensure you choose a suitable domain name:Your domain name is what visitors type on the uniform resource locator (URL) of a browser to visit your site. It shouldn’t be too long and it should be memorable. If possible, it should point out to your blog’s vision. It should possibly help visitors to have an idea about what your blog is all about.

5. Ensure you use a good web hosting company : You wouldn’t want your website to be hosted by a company with poor customer relations and delayed response to call for support. Also, the web hosting company should be reliable and secured enough to avoid loosing your web contents from a cyber attack or crash. There are several good web hosting companies, but the best I recommend is Namecheap. Their customer support is equal to known!

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6. Make quality contents: You are not going to profit from your blog if people are not reading your posts. Therefore, your priority at all times should be to produce posts that would be of benefit to your readers. Remember, this isn’t all about you. It is all about your readers.

7. Make original contents: Many bloggers are simply doing “copying and pasting”. They copy other people’s work online and publish on their blogs without even giving any form of credit or reference to the original owners of the article. Some other re-writenother people’s articles.

Doing this is not only illegal and criminal act, but it won’t allow their blogs to succeed. Search engines like Google have a software for detecting copied and pliagarized contents and when your blog publishes pliagarized contents, your articles won’t rank on search engine results.

Search engines rewards originality. Your articles are more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results if they are original and unique. One of the criteria for approving your blog for good Adsense program is that your most of blog’s contents should be unique and original. You could even get suspended for the Google Adsense program after approval if you start publishing plagiarized contents.

8. Post frequently: Blog visitors love seeing new contents frequently. They will keep visiting your blog if you are always updating your blog by publishing new articles.
There is no rule as to how frequent you should release new articles. However, it is advised to posts at least one new article per week. This would keep your readers always visiting frequently.

9. Engage your audience: Write to your readers as if they are physically present with you and you are talking to them physically. Also encourage feed back. After each article, ask your readers to use the comment section to express their thoughts about the article.

When they do, don’t fail to reply their comments as soon as you can. Also,check your blog’s mail box frequently to read the feedbacks from your readers and reply to them accordingly.

10. Proof read your contents: There is nothing as disturbing as reading an article filled with too many grammatical and spelling errors.  Everyone can make mistakes. Infact, some of my readers have pointed to me some mistakes in some of my articles, which I corrected immediately I was told.

However, try as much as possible to reduce  to the bearest minimum all grammatical and typographical errors in your articles. Try to proof read your articles as many times as possible. You can also install a proofreader plugin in your blog which you should always use before publishing any article.

11. Monetise your blog: While this may not be the reason why you started blogging, however, having some part-time income from your blog isn’t a bad thing either. Infact, you will be more motivated to write more when you are getting some form of compensation from your blog.
I have written a detailed guide on how to start monetizing your blog. See 11 smart ways you can start making money from your blog today.

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12. Don’t spend your time exclusively on your blog:

If you spend most of your time on your blog, you might get bored and exhausted. You need a life outside blogging too. Take out time to do other things like meeting with friends and even visiting other people’s blogs and forums. Doing these will refresh your mind and even give you new insights, ideas, knowledge and inspiration for your new blog articles and features.

13. Give opportunities for guest writers on your blog: Accepting guest articles is one way of growing your blog posts. The more blog posts you have, the more likely your audience will grow. Therefore, give opportunity to other writers to send in their guest posts to you. Another reason why I give upcoming writers the opportunity to publish their guest articles on this blog ( with their names as the author of the article ) is because, I see it a way of grooming the future generation, building their skills , confidence and self image.

If you want to join our team of guest writers, see the guidelines for becoming one of our content contributors

14. Don’t publish every guest posts you receive: It is not a must that you have to publish all guest posts that you receive.
Only publish articles that meet your blog’s posts requirements. Your requirements must state the kind of posts that you accept.

We received many guest posts. We publish some after reviewing and modifying the posts to suit this blog’s audience, style and vision. However, we reject many others out-rightly that have no bearing with our blog’s niche.

Also, before publishing any article check for plagiarism. Don’t publish any article that fails the plagiarism test.

15. Invest in the security of your blog: There is nothing as devastating for any blogger as loosing his/her entire blog files as a result of cyber attack. If this occurs you loose money, data, time spent to create the articles, and you also loose the confidence of your readers. You loose the years or months it took to have your blog contents rank high on search engines. Your traffic drops and your advert conversation rates will also suffer greatly.

Therefore, no amount is too big to spend on your blog’s security. You can contact us to help you with a comprehensive blog security package.

16. Invest in a good blog backup program: If you have added security features to your blog, you have done well. At least you are a step above those without security features at all.

However, I must tell you that even the most secured blogs can be hacked down and crash. A single loophole  on your blog firewalls is all that hackers need to strike. If you don’t suffer a direct attack, what if your hosting company suffers a cyber attack and crash?

Therefore, in addition to adding security features to your blog,  you need to go a step higher by installing a good back-up feature for your blog for periodic scheduled backup of your files. This will help you recover your files easily and get your blog back in operation in the event of a crash.

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We can also help you do this for your blog if you contact us.

The golden secrets of blogging

The tips above are basic tips. There are golden secrets which I would tell you, if you allow me coach you personally on blogging. These are the secrets that separates the men from the boys when it comes to blogging.

I got the golden secrets after several months of hardwork, research and analysis of my blogging results. If you need me to help you with the secrets, in order to increase your blog traffic and income, you need to contact us now.

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Benefits of having us develop a blog for you

You stand to gain many benefits from having us develop you blog for you. These include:

1. We offer our services to you at affordable cost.

2. We provide mentoring to you even after the blog is developed and handed over to you.

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4. We add backup features to your blog to enable your blog to bounce back easily in the event of a crash.

5. We also provide search engine optimisation, SEO features to your blog which would help your blog contents to rank very well on search engines like Google and others. We will help most of your blog contents to appear on Google’s first page.

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