4 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

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In this technologically advanced life, marketing is the most evolving area of the business that functions as the agent of your company to advertise your product, out in the public. Owing to its diverse strategies, it does not let any stone unturned in promoting your work to the public. There are two kinds of marketing that you will be aware of: paid and unpaid marketing. Our main focus is to aware you of all the latest strategies of marketing that has completely turned the fortune of people through smart and easy, right-on-time marketing activities on the internet.

Here is a list of things that you can do to improve your marketing strategies for your business:

1. Marketing through Email

Although many marketers would make the argument that email marketing is about to die or is long dead, the surveys say the exact opposite. They have been a good means of ROI to the businesses which indirectly proves its ability to gather attention from the public. Having said that, a recent survey taken by Demand Metric and the Data Marketing Association (DMA) mentioned the percentage of ROI produced by email marketing turned out to be 122% which four times higher than the rest of the marketing channels. A technique that makes this percentage of ROI should not be avoided by companies, in fact, they should bring it to their system.

Tips on Email Marketing

Here are some tips that you can use to ensure successful generation of email marketing campaigns:

  • The first thing any company or client notices is the subject line. Make sure you don’t screw up there. It should be catchy, engaging as well as informative.
  • You really do not have to sound all terse and Shakespearean in the email. The more clear and simple you are, the better will the next person understand you.
  • Another point to keep in mind is that you break all the important points in bullets or at least in a numerical order.
  • Then comes the turn of “the talk” where you write about the benefits that you can bring to the company or the client who is going to buy your service. Make it convincing.
  • The last thing is, always keep your emails optimized for mobile devices.
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2. Marketing Through Social Media

Look around and see how many people you think, out of randomly picked 10 people, use any of the social media forums. Almost all of them, right? Having said that, you must be aware of social media marketing that has recently become a “thing” in the field of marketing. There were 90% marketers approving that social media marketing was one of the most beneficial means of marketing for their business, in SME report. Out of which, a good percentage believed that it is social media that has increased exposure for their companies over the years. What brings them to believe in this are stated below:

  • Over the years, it has improved traffic and exposure.
  • It has also helped in developed loyal customers
  • It created thought-leadership
  • It has remarkably increases sales
  • It boosts search ranking and leads

Google AdWords – Pay per click marketing

PPC marketing is a method designed to bring customers to your website by using search engine advertising. It is one of the most effective marketing tool to create sales-ready leads. It means that when a person writes in the search bar, “Cox internet” he/she will receive a list of Cox bundles that include TV, internet and phone services. There is whole team of people working together to bring these results on your screen.

Here are a few benefits of Pay-Per-Click Marketing:

  • Right place, right product, right person at the right time. It means that his mode of marketing has the ability to fly to the customer looking for a service that your business is offering.
  • You will have a better ROI value as you would not be paying for the ads that are not returned by customers. Only those that are clicked and skimmed through would cost.
  • You keep a check on the amount you want to spend.
  • You don’t have to sit and wait until the results come out.
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3. Marketing Through Search Engine Optimization

Speaking of Search Engine Optimization, you cannot help but appreciate the fact that it is the only means of marketing that does not cost you at all which is why it becomes the trickiest yet the most wanted method to have been used by marketers around the world. And it is also kind of really crucial for your website because without it your website is absolutely disappeared from the public. In order to have an appearance, you need to make sure you SEO team is working to keep your website noticeable through indirect or direct marketing. The only way your website can come up on the top on Google searches is when your SEO team decides it should. Of course there are many factors involved but all under the control of a good SEO expert.

4. Influencer Marketing

This is like taking support from the influencer to make your appearance in the public through their audience. A latest study confirmed that 94% of marketers believed this is one of the most effective ways to market a product. It is a highly effective tool that has helped startups to gain a fresh start for their company or business. It is also not as expensive as other methods.

Here are a few Benefits that you will receive once you try this methodology:

  • Most of the audience tend to remain to their trusted traditional marketing channels than to try the new ones. That’s why you gain the influencer’s support.
  • It is much less expensive than the other promotional strategies.
  • It is extremely easy to implement
  • It brings a personal touch to your business once the word goes out through mouth of the influencer.
  • The audience will be your chosen one as you would take the influencer that you know has a specific audience that may be interested in buying your service.
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