40 Brilliant Ways You Can Start Making More Money While Keeping Your Day Job

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One of the greatest truths to creating enduring wealth is to have multiple sources of income. This can not be over-emphasized! The rich do not rely on a single income source. The average rich person has at least 3 sources of income.

The good thing about many alternate sources of income is that most of them won’t disturb your day job. They are very flexible. You can do them on weekends or after working hours or even at night from the comfort of your home. For example, you can do many online businesses from the comfort of your bed!

In some cases, you might need to employ someone to run the business for you, while you supervise the business operations after you are through with your day job each day or at weekends.

In this article, I will be sharing with you over 40 unique businesses you can engage in while keeping your day job.

1. Investing in shares: This is an investment that has great profit potential if done with proper knowledge. See how to invest in the stock market. 

2. Investing in mutual funds: This is a zero risk investment with moderate income potentials. See how to start investing in mutual funds.  

3. Affiliate marketing: One good thing about affiliate marketing is that in most cases it involve a low start-up cost. You basically register with a company ( usually an online store ) and you receive a percentage of whatever buyers pay to the online store as commission for referring the buyer to the online store.

4. Cat fish farming: You can have your own fish pond, were you raise fingerlings and grow them to maturity and sell to hotels , restaurants and to the local market for a profit. See a guide about catfish farming business.

5. Freelancing through Fiverr or Upwork: This involves offering different services to people online and getting paid for the services. There are several online platforms that facilitate this process. Example includes: Upwork and Fiverr. See a detailed guide on how to make money from freelancing with Fiverr.  

6. Freelance writing for a blog or website: There are many blogs and websites that accepts guest writers. You get paid per number of words you submit. If you are very good in writing unplagiarised articles focused on business, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, you can write for MyAfribusiness.com. 

7. Lending money to people on interest: This may not be legal in every statebor country for individuals to lend money at interest. So, you need to find out the legal requirements in your sstate.However, there are several persons who are making good profit from this business. But, you need to put measures in place to ensure that your borrowers will not fail to keep to the terms of the business.

8. Having a car wash: This is a good business and it is not as difficult to start as it may appear. See how to set up your own car wash. 

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9. Having a driving school: You can teach people how to drive for a fee after work hours and at weekends.

10. Having a poultry farm: This is one of the most profitable livestock farming. See a detailed guide on setting up a poultry farm of your own. 

11. Having a plantain plantation: This is a very profitable business. One good thing about the business is that you need to plant the suckers once and after then, the plantains continue to reproduce. It takes about 12 months for plantain to begin producing fruits once planted.

12. Having a pumpkin farm: The good thing about pumpkin farming is that it doesn’t take much time to produce and if well done, it can provide weekly revenue to the farmer.

13. Becoming a real estate agent: You make money from commission earned by connecting buyers and sellers of lands and buildings together.

14. Part-time music instructor: You can actually use your musical skills to earn wealth by transferring the skills to others at a fee.

15. Designing websites for people: This is a cool business that can give you nice part-time profits if you have the skills needed to develop and design websites and blogs. This is one of the services that we offer at MyAfribusiness.com

16. Graphics designing: Involves designing of complimentary cards, electronic banners etc. It has a low start-up cost.

17. Part-time tailoring or fashion designing: People cannot do without wearing clothes. Therefore, the services of a fashion designer will always be needed. See how to set up your own fashion designing business.

18. Part-time catering and decoration service: This is one good business that can be done part-time and has good profit potential. Most occasions which occur on weekends engage the services of caterers.   See how to set up a lucrative catering services business. 

19. Events planning: Most events hold on weekends when you are most likely not at your day job. Therefore, you should have time to do this business which involves planning and organising events for people and getting paid for it.

20. Opening a YouTube Channel: This is one way several people are making money legally online. You basically create good videos on any aspect of life that others might find interesting and when people view the videos on your channel, you earn part of the money paid to YouTube by advertisers on the videos.

21. Consultancy services: If you are a professional on any area, you can provide consultancy services for people at your own convenient time for a fee.

22. Setting up a mill: You can buy a milling machine, whereby people can bring their tomatoes, corn, melon, pepper and other food items to grind at your mill in the evenings and on weekends. You can do this at your home. Just buy a milling machine and inform neighbours in your street about your services and they will start bringing tomatoes, corn, millet , mellon, beans and other items for milling.

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23. Pharmacy stores: Most pharmacy stores enjoy more patronage during the evenings and at night when you are back from work.

24. Public speaking: You can conduct seminars and workshops on weekends, if you are a public speaker.

25. Dog breeding: Many people buy dogs for security reasons and for meat. Some breeds of dogs cost a lot of money. You can start breeding dogs and selling to others.

26. Earning through Google Adsense: This is one way through which many bloggers and apps owners earn some income. Advertisers pay Google to display ads on your blog for a fee and as visitors click on the ads displayed, Google pays you a part of the money paid to it from the advertisers. See how to get your Google Adsense application easily approved.

27. Blogging: There are many ways of making money through blogging. You can blog at night, just as I do. If you need professional coaching on how to set up a blog, you can contact us. 

28. Drop shipping:  It basically involves  acting as a middle man between buyers and sellers of goods, using an online platform. See a detailed guide on how to start a drop shipping business. 

29. Tiling services: The services of experienced tilers are always in demand. I am sure about this . You can fix tiles for people on weekends.

30. Painting: This is a beautiful skill that appears cheap, buy it can bring you cool part-time income if you are very good at it.

31. Photography and video coverage: Most events like wedding, launching, etc hold on weekends, which would enable you to be able to carry out these services for your clients.

32. Set up a barbing saloon: At evenings and weekends, you can engage in this business. Better, you can employ experienced barbers who would report to you. See how to set up a standard barbing salon.

33. Investing in treasury bills: This is a zero risk investment. See detailed guide on how to invest in treasury bills. 

34. Investing in bonds: This is also a zero risk investment which involves lending money to the government for a period of time for a profit.

35. Selling of e-books: Selling e-books is very profitable, because the production cost is very low as you don’t incur any printing cost. You just do a soft copy of the book which you forward to the email addresses of buyers.

36. Buying and giving out vehicles to people on hire purchase: This is a good business, but ensure you sign the lease agreements officially to avoid issues arising from defaults.

37. Rental services: Canopy, chairs, power generating sets, projectors, etc can be rented from you. This is a good business, because once you buy the canopies and chairs, or whatever you are giving out for rentals, you don’t incur further costs.

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38. Hair making and makeup artistry: If you can make good hairs for ladies, you will make money from this business.

39. Gardening:  You can grow choice herbs and seeds and sell to buyers.

40. Architectural designs and drawings: While keeping your day job, you can draw building  plans for people and get paid for it.

41. Business plans and business proposal writing: Many persons are in need of someone who can help them write unique and professional business plans and proposals. If you can do that effectively, you can name your price.

42. Managing social media platforms for companies and organisations: This is a modern business that is gaining more popularity. It is flexible and can be done part-time.

43. Dry cleaning and laundry services: Most people are busy with work and other affairs and so prefers paying someone to wash their clothes for them. See a detailed guide on how to set up a dry cleaning business. 


I have shared with you brilliant ideas that will bring more income to you. I didn’t just write them to excite you. I wrote them in order to help you get better financially. I know what it means to depend on a single income source. I have been there before. Most times you get broke and you are always afraid about what would happen if you lose your only income source.

However, if you can begin to work on these ideas, you have the chance to gradually increasing your earnings, without affecting your day job and you will have more peace knowing that you have good back-up income sources. If one of your sources of income stops or experiences hitches, you won’t be affected much, because you’ve got many eggs in different baskets!

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