5 Ways To Make Money During This Pandemic

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It is no longer news that the world is currently in the state of dilemma caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic and this seems to be the most talked about news on all information/communication platforms. Laws are being made to keep people safe and most of these laws are not favourable to our personal finance.

However, I believe that people have moved passed the fear of not getting infected, the real issue right now is getting enough money to keep oneself going for as long as this pandemic would last.

We are trying to cut down on our expenses and save a little more for the next day. No one is left out of the fear of not having enough to sustain themselves, from the top guys to the daily worker (who I think is suffering this the most) . Everyone is looking for a way out. How do we survive this time? How do we make money when we can’t go out? How do we sell our products and  still maintain the social distance?

Don’t sweat it, because we have been able to come up with 5 ways you can make a good living amidst this pandemic:

1) Proffering Delivery Services (Logistics)

Most people are confined to their homes due to the stay at home orders from the government, so  you need to take advantage of this moment where everyone wants stuffs delivered to them and so they go online to search for an easy way to get what they need delivered to them at their doorsteps.   

Most businesses now are looking for how to reach their customers, and the best guys to bridge this gap are the logistics businesses, especially for the consumables.

Sell your stuffs online and be ready for delivery. In fact, adding the delivery cost to whatever you are selling is extra gain, but also have in mind that the same people ordering for something online are just like you, they also need a place to make more cash to sustain them; therefore, go  easy on your charges. 

To buttress this point, you can run a little Ad on your social media handles for persons in your locality who has one or two goods to deliver within same environment to reach you for a fee. Think through this idea thoroughly especially for states the lockdown hasn’t impacted much.

2) Online Home Tutor Services

Most parents have not had to spend so much time with their kids for understandable reasons: work and school. Now, these two reasons has been taken away by the “stay at home law” and so there is plenty of time for everyone and now some parents need help taking care of their kids.

Again go online and do an Ad on part time nanny and offer your services to those parents. Trust me, they love their kids but they need a break from shouting “don’t go there”, “sit there” and so on. Take the burden off their shoulders and get paid for it.

Let me whisper in your ear a little secret; “your smart phone and internet connection are your greatest tool.” Do you know that some parents are not good with teaching their kids school stuff? If you are very good with teaching and have little or great experience then you are most needed in such homes. Parents wants their kids to keep studying and not just play away their time, so a need for a home or online tutor is the only available option.

Ensure you run an Ad that clearly states how much you charge and discount you did give for a number of kids you can teach per hour. State the means of communication with the children either via zoom or any video conferencing apps.

3) Offer to Teach Others  Your Skills

Learning is the new fun as the question “how to….” is now on the rise as people now have the time to learn new stuffs, and guess what? You can teach what you know “how to do” and you can do this by having your phone placed at right angle for a fantastic video  shot, a video editing app (you can go on Google play store and search for interesting apps like “video editor, video compressor and insta shot”), internet and a YouTube channel. 

 Simply go on YouTube  and create a channel for yourself and then go on all social media platform you belong to and sell yourself (channel). You can package your skills in interesting words, and hey you can do it and make money so long as you do it well.

Ensure that you  use the same keywords when you write your video title, description, and tags on YouTube for easy search. 

You can also read our article on how to create a YouTube channel.

4) Cook, Cook, Cook and Sell

“I don’t cook guys/ladies” needs you as most restaurant closed or rationed as to hours opened and people not wanting to even go to restaurant for fear of getting infected. They rather stay home and order something to eat. I have one question; “can you cook?” If your answer is yes, then you might want to feed a lot of hungry guys/ladies that can’t cook or don’t have the time to cook, but have to eat.

You could either make your “how to cook (the meal)” video or just cook and supply to people who needs your service; and there are a lot of people under this category, you need to strategically look for them and get them to even order a bowl of their favourite dish for a discounted fee, this will get them stick to ordering from you. You could also look into buying food items from the market and do door to door deliveries to people around your neighborhood. 

5) Create ideas and sell

Why waste all the ideas you have on how to make money and you even have the strategies laid out and planned in mind but you haven’t had the time and strength to implement or use them? Why stress yourself when you can sell these ideas to people and get paid for it.

You can write them down and sell, consider this your quota giving back to humanity, if you have what it takes to be a creative writer, do that with ideas and sell.


There are tons of things to do right now to make money and sustain yourself while this pandemic lasts and even beyond now. Quit consuming your mobile data on information that only make you more afraid than you already are and use the internet to get yourself real cash.

Start looking at the lessons of this pandemic: this will teach you what unemployment, retirement, loosing your money and so on is like. Learn from it and get wiser and richer too.

The world is already is a global village by means of the internet. find your place in it now and even when all this is done you would be happy you tried something different or new.

Don’t forget to advertise your products and services and everything you can do in all your social media accounts. Ask friends to help spread the word about you, because your potential biggest clients may be on your friends’ timeline.

Stay safe!

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