50 Low-cost Businesses Which Housewives Can Engage In To Earn Good Income

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Beloved housewife!

I know the struggle is real to keep yourself busy and get other means of income, aside the one your beloved hubby brings home for upkeep and living expenses.

I know, it’s not easy to stay idle all through out the day, only to watch movies, surf the net, and engage in social media chats!
A challenging aspect of staying idle without getting involved in some sort of business or job is that you may become inactive or get bored and might miss out on the opportunity to learn new things.

Here are 50 businesses you can engage in at  your leisure and which would not interfere with family time.

1. Affiliate marketing:
There are so many companies online that has an affiliate marketing arm, which enables you to earn passive income just by having people visit their site or buy something on their page through your link. All you do is to create an online profile with the company and then you share the affiliate link they give you on your social media accounts and also on your blog, if you have one.

2. On demand supplies :
At the comfort of your home and with enough airtime on your phone, you can engage in this business by calling different suppliers and acting as a middleman between those suppliers and your customers. You don’t need to own any product or shop space to do this.
Look for a good product in high demands, create customers for your products with good price then get suppliers to deliver it to them and make money from it.

3. Day care services:
This business is good especially if you love children and it will give you time to bond/interacts with your own children everyday.
Use up a one bedroom space or a rental space to start this business.

4. Sales of high quality and fashionable clothing:
For this business, you can sell online and through other means, you determine the mode of selling by yourself. Shoes, bags, write watches and other clothing materials can be sold.
You can either open an online seller centre account on online stores like Jumia, Konga, Ali express, etc. Display a picture of the clothing and sell at your comfort, once there’s an order you deliver it to the designated center that receives the good and they forward it to the customer.

5. Set up a bakery:
Bakery is a business that gives you much profit especially when it is well set up and supervised. You can open a bakery employ staffs and watch your bakery business blossom from the comfort of your home. You can just come in everyday to supervise and then you go your way.
Before going into this business, you need to seek advice from people who are into it already, so as to avoid the pitfalls.

6. Chin-chin production:
Need I say more, you can produce crunchy chin-chin and supply to different customers.
You can start with places in your neighborhood, hotels, bars, retail outlets, wholesale outlets etc. Good packaging gives you an upper hand in this business.

7. Plantain/potato chips production:
You can get your cutter, give your chips a unique shape, produce in little quantity first, see its market demand before going into large scale.
Uniqueness and good packaging will attract customers to you.

8. Freelance writing:
This is the easiest way to make passive income. You write for individuals, blogs and websites and you get paid for it.

9. Consultant services:
You can start a consulting services business in your area of specialisation. You can provide experts advice, counseling, tips and ideas to individuals, businesses, groups, organisations at a fees.
This requires that you keep learning and improving your knowledge in order to be conversant with new trends in your field.

10. Elderly care centres:
Just as you run a day care centre for toddlers, you can also run a center for elderly people where they can be taken care of.
This is not a very common business in Africa, hence there is less competition.
You can decide to employ staffs to help you manage the number of elderly people you take care of, with this new input you can expand the business.

11. Making YouTube videos:
Do you know that you can make money by creating a YouTube account? Instead of going to YouTube only to watch other people’s videos you too can create videos for others to view.
You can simply make videos on virtually anything you want, granted it  complies with YouTube policy. As people view your videos, YouTube pays you for adverts featured on the videos.

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12. Catering services:
If you are a lover of good food and you can cook different delicacies well at different times, then you can put your talent to good use by starting a good catering business.
Make your self known by advertising your business in various ways, and making sure you deliver properly to your clients so they can refer you to others.

13. Food delivery services:
Hey wifey, instead of saying you don’t know what to do at home and that you can’t leave your house because of the kids, then you can actually cook good food place price tags on it and deliver it to different corporate companies like banks, industries and top firms. Your job is to cook, deliver and get paid.

14. Offline teaching services:
Aside being an online teacher, you can start-up a tutorial classes for pupils and students writing various exams, like UME, WASSCE, etc You can also get people you can pay to teach various subjects for you, so you don’t become deficient in any way.

15. Housekeeping services:
You need to realize that there are some folks who do not have time to organize their house nor arranged it or keep it in order, this is where you come in. Set up a house keeping service, arrange and place things in order for folks and get paid for your services. Remember housekeeping services is different from house cleaning services.

16. House cleaning services:
This is similar to house keeping, but basically you get clients who are too busy to clean their houses and wouldn’t want the issues that come with domestic house helps, so they tend to prefer hiring a house cleaning company to come provide weekly cleaning for their apartment etc.

17. Laundry services:
Good washing and spinning machine is not as expensive as you may think, and you can just get a good space in your flat to do this business until you can expand it. With good publicity,  you will be amazed at how much profit you can make.

18. Sales of ladies wears: 
Here’s something no lady or woman will want to resist. Get good lingerie and fashionable stuffs that appeal to all ages, and see how much profit you will make just at your comfort.

19. Event planning:
You can start-up an event planning business as people are really looking for who will take the stress off their shoulders and plan their events for them.
This business gives you time to do so many other stuffs too while making good money.

20. Cake baking and decorating:
There’s always an event going on every saturday, and you can be part of these events with your skills.
You can decorate the halls of these events and bake the cakes. Ask questions and get your answers.

21. Becoming a marriage coach:
Believe me, so many people are going through troubles in their marriages and they don’t know who to tell to relieve some of the stress. You can open a professional website or blog or just open a Twitter or Facebook page and offer coaching services for a fee. However, you must be willing to help them out, and this business is advisable if you are a lover of good marriage and you believe in the faith of all things working out for good no matter how bad they might have been.

22. Tour guide:
You can start an online tour business for people who want to come into a particular country and sight see. Just own a good website and offer your services and you can also offer to be a guide on any places visited by tourists.

23. Children comic book writer:
Be an authority in any aspect of a child’s learning life, write a book that will be generally accepted following some guidelines on children books, publish and sell.

24. Liquid soap making:
There’s always a ready market for something good. Don’t feel the market is saturated with liquid soaps already and that you wouldn’t sell. Let me quickly informed you that people go for what gives them satisfaction in terms of mild fragrance and how foamy it can be. Supply to hotels and businesses ( like restaurants ) that has the need for liquid soap.

25. Fashion designing: 
I know an aunt who does fashion designing at a corner of her sitting room, because of how good she is and the patronage she has been getting, she decided to get an office space and go into it full-time. Now she not only has people coming to learn from her, but also has time for her family.

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26. Bead making:
Be a lover of something good. If you don’t have this skill please go on YouTube and learn, make some and wear, let people appreciate it and give you feedback on it, then start producing in little quantity before you start supplying to stores.

27. Create a blog on a hobby:
Really cool way of making money, but it takes persistence and consistent writing.  You can create a housewives blog and write articles like “things housewives do for fun” or “laugh it off thou tired housewife”.
Be unique and beautiful in what you do, and you are bound to succeed.

28. Packaging perfumes as gifts:
You can start a business of delivering nice perfumes to other housewives, ladies and gents who want to surprise their spouse with a gift and a handwritten note tucked in the gift before you deliver it.
This is a very cool way of fostering relationships between people and making them feel special and loved, and also make your money.

29. Hair making: 
Don’t need to talk much on this, you can expand your skills and make money with it. Just go to learn how to make good hair styles from an existing hair stylist and you will be good to go.

30. Groceries store (provision store):
You will need a good space for this, stocked up with different groceries and anything else you feel is always in good demand, keep a good accounting system of what you have before trying to spend any profit, so you don’t feel you have made so much money while unknowingly spending your capital.

31. Become a real estate agent:
You can make money as a real estate agent by looking for buyers at your leisure time to purchase properties and get commission from the deal. You can start with estate firms close to you.

32. Be a business plan/proposal writer:
So many people need a good business plan in other to borrow money from organizations and start-up their businesses, but most often they get rejected due to a poor business plan/proposal. If you are good at writing business proposals and plans,  make it official and help people who will pay for your services just to get a good start on their business.

33. Online store for cosmetics:
You can own an online store where you sell cosmetics and also a website where people can learn how to make up.

34. Virtual assistant:
This is a service you provide to companies in need of it at the comfort of your home, like an office assistant. All duties of an office assistant is what some VA do, but at the comfort of their homes, it eliminates the cost of getting an in-house office assistant for the company.

35. Digital marketing expert:
You can become a sought after expert for companies online or offline once you know your onions in digital marketing. Just go for training and you are good to go.

36. Social media platforms manager:
You can use your computer and phone profitably by becoming a social media manager for various companies by managing their social media pages like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc and get paid for your time online.

37. After school services for working mothers:
This is almost like running a day care centre but quite different, here you can help nursing mothers who work late through the day by taking care of their kids during the hours they are back from school till when the parents come back to pick them up for a given fee per hour.

38. Bridal services:
There are ongoing wedding every saturday. You can start a bridal store, tag it “everything about the bride”, you can take up the responsibility to think for the bride from clothes she will need to shoes, down to lingerie for the bridal night. You get paid for doing all these.

39. Online health store:
You can register with reputable companies that make good vitamins and supplements and you become their distributor.  People are looking for vitamins and supplements that will keep them healthy. You become a link between the companies and consumers.

40. Becoming an online researcher:
These days people tend to look online for good researchers that can assist them with their research jobs and expert input on any research field.
You can take your time and do this business, and the business actually enables you to become very exposed to wide range of knowledge.

41. Spa services:
You can set up a little spa business in your neighborhood, start by foot massage, your target will be those who are always on their feet and will definitely want their muscles to be massage, so it can relax.  Take the business bit by bit,  get some little professionals and watch it grow.

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42. Online clothing store:
The world is evolving everyday and people are getting busy day by day and many people now prefer to shop online and get the goods delivered to them. You can start-up an online store, displaying HD pictures of various fashionable clothes and shoes for people to order and then you sell. You may not have those stuffs on your store, but make sure you can get them once an order is placed. You need to partner and work with wholesalers and distributors to achieve this.

43. Making and sales of fresh juice:
You can go into this business with just a simple juice extractor and start extracting fresh juice and begin to supply to homes around you, supply to churches for any event, supply to stores, restaurants and hotels.

44. Owning a restaurant:
You can open a restaurant and sell different delicacies, you can also combine this business with cooking and delivering to various clients.

45. Mini importation business:
You can look around for items on high demand around you, be it phones, gadgets,  laptops and other electronics and accessories, etc. Visit eBay or Ali express, contact a seller in China or any country the electronics seems cheap, negotiate with them and get the goods to sell.

46. Language teacher:
If you are fluent in a particular language, you can become a part-time teacher in that language.  Visit schools and tell them what you can offer their students in specific hours of the week and how much you take to deliver your lesson.  If you offer to teach foreign language then you will get paid higher.

47. Drop shipping:
This is a new and exciting business anybody can do online, which involves being an online middle man between major distributors and retailers. See a detailed guide on how to start making money online through dropshipping.

48. Online survey:
You can make passive income from taking out time to fill out survey forms for different companies who need feedbacks and are ready to pay for it.

49. Popcorn business:
You can start this business in a small-scale or large-scale depending on the size of market you have and the income you desire. Popcorn business is quite productive and easy to start.

50. Raw foodstuffs business:
This business will actually make you not to lack food at home, and you also make good money too. Get a shop space and buy variety of food stuffs with ingredients to sell.


Engaging in any of the businesses above will give you more income and as well grant you time to take care of your family. Not all the businesses are suitable for everybody. You need to find out the one that best suits your skills, ability and time and get into it. With hard work and commitment, you will succeed.

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