50 Top Business Ideas For Students In Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges In Nigeria – Part 2

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In part 1 of this article, I gave 25 businesses you can do as a university, polytechnic or college student. Having gone through part 1, I hope you can now set up a small business right from the comfort of your room as a student and make money for yourself.

In the previous article, you will notice a great deal of the businesses listed were edibles, mainly because students love edibles, especially during exams.

Now let’s see the remaining 25 businesses you can start in school.

26. Laundry services: This is a cool way of making money in school, a mini washing machine without a spinner cost about N18000/20000, the ones with spinner cost about  N35000/40000, you can get this machine online and have it delivered to you. Without further ado, advertise your business and start making profits.

27. Ushering: This involves looking for event organizers and offer your services to them – just to be an usher at events they organise. Most of this organizers pay well and they pay per the stipulated time.

28. Freelance writing: You can start writing for different blogs and get paid for your articles.
See how you can make money from Fiverr as a freelancer.

29. Online commerce and dropshipping: You can start a mini business online by buying stuffs online and selling it, you can buy from China and other countries online and get it delivered to you. See 20 legal and easy ways you can make money online by spending almost nothing. Also see how to make money in from dropshipping.

30. Drawings: You must have heard that your gift can make way for you, and bring you before kings.
Pencil or pen drawings attract the lovers of art to you. You can draw for students on their birthdays and other special occasions. While I was in the university, some students also contract their technical and engineering drawing assignments to other students who are more skillful in drawing.

31. Blogging: Yeah, you can start your own blog, put up interesting articles and try to draw traffic to your blog, then you can also place your own advert on your blog or sell advert space and make money.

32: Barbing: Have you not discovered that guys usually get their haircut once every week, and they tend to maintain a particular barber that gives them good styles. They even get to refer you to friends when they see your handwork.
A barbing salon can be set up by acquiring a shop, barbing equipment, and any other necessities that will be needed. See how you can set up your own barbing salon.

33: Hair making: Most ladies are mindful about keeping a good hair style. The beautiful thing about this is that you can start this business at the comfort of your room or hostel.
You can do this business any time and day, it doesn’t restrict you from anything you want to do in school, and it’s very profitable.

34. Internet facilities(cyber cafe): We all know that internet facilities are everywhere, and you may wonder of anyone still goes to the café to browse. You may be surprised that cyber cafe is still the place where students tend to visit to avoid distractions from their hostels and concentrate on project works, assignments and get them printed out.

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35. Event planning: This is a cool way of making cash in school, as there are be series of events happening in the school. If you have a great taste for well planned event, then you can design a card distribute it among the executives of different faculties and ensure you maintain a steady check on them. Bam! You are good to go.
Endeavor to fully understand what is expected of you in any event, so you deliver accordingly.

36. Graphics designing / web design and development: Get yourself skilled in this business! Learn online! Be bold and daring to try new techniques you haven’t seen before.
This business really pays well, you get to design logos, complimentary cards, design birthday cards, develop websites, and different other packages you can make money from.

37. Comedy: This business requires you to be humorous, you sell yourself by being funny, give rib cracking jokes and make your cool money.  Although it requires that you start charging small in the initial stage, but whatever charges you place on your jokes, make it affordable, so you will get more patronage.
You can organise comedy shows, collaborate with other comedians, make your ticket sales cheap, give your show a good caption and massively advertise it. Don’t forget to draw up a payment ratio for each comedian who performed.

38. Honey sales:You can look for a good honey supplier that will be consistent in delivering honey to your doorstep.
Your target audience should be lecturers and non academic staffs, with a  good number of students that can afford it. Honey sales can give you good profit too, if your packaging is catchy.

39. Phone/laptops repairs:Get your tools ready, and be sure you are good at what you are doing. You can place a sign on strategic places that has your phone number on it, tell friends to help you broadcast it, and be quick to deliver once you get done with a job.

40. Sales of skin care oils:You can start this line of business in school because it’s not as common as others. Think of skin essential oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, carrot oil, and so many other essential oils that are good for the skin and hair.
You can supply this essential oils to beauty shops, hair salons and to personal individuals.
This essential oils don’t come cheap due to the rigors it takes to extract them, but you make good profit by selling to those that know that value.

41.Canteen: One of my strengths in school is eating good food and drinking plenty of water as it eliminates weakness or any form of distracting bowel movement for me.
If you can’t handle a canteen alone, get friends involved, look for persons that are ready to commit the same time and capital as you are willing to do.  You can also get a native of that community to help in clearing and cleaning up after each day sales.
Canteen business gives you good profit, you can also employ a cook and a server and oversee the business instead of getting friends.

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42: Hostel agent: Every year there’s an inflow of students in schools, these students need accommodation and most times they tend to pay high to get a place just to lay their head.
This is where you come in. Become a hostel agent, look for good hostels and get to mingle among the new students, provide the accommodation and get a commission. This is one of the well-paying businesses I know you can do in school and it doesn’t cost a dime to start!

43. Project writing /proof reading: Project work mainly involves carrying out research online and many lazy students tend to look for a person who helps them to write their projects. Even some brilliant students tend to look for someone to write and proofread for them.
This business pays you well for your time and data used, but it can be stressful.

44: Organize trips: Who doesn’t like a good adventure in school? Students want a memorable time in school, create one for them and get paid for it.
Look for a tourist site within the state your school is located, target new students and finalists in school, don’t forget to bring a handy photographer along and you can smile to the bank.

45. Cooking and delivery services: You have to understand the fact that not all student like to cook nor eat at the canteen, instead of cooking they prefer eating junk food which may not be healthy.
Here is a problem that needs your solution, advertise yourself by cooking delicious meals in little quantity and deliver to their respective residence.
You must ensure you are a good cook, so as to attract more customers.

46. Create a comedy / campus gist website: At the website, you can feature the latest gist, comedy and gossips going on in the school.
You can also pull traffic to your site by ensuring you have notes of lecturers and different downloadable materials that will be helpful to students.
You can also collect adverts for a particular fee and put on your website and you get paid.

47. Sales of used textbooks to new students: Before you go into this business ensure that a textbook is going to be used in the next academic session before you purchase or sell it.

48. Sales of sanitary pads: This is very lucrative business in school. And there is a ready market for it. Every money female students always need sanitary pads to take care of themselves and if you notify students in your hotel or lodge that you sell sanitary pads, they will always patronise you. To make good profits from this business, you need to buy in bulk ( like dozens of packs ) and sell per pack or piece as requested.

49. Gym: Who says students don’t like keeping fit too? Although this business is capital-intensive if you want to get all the gym equipments, but it is preferable to start small then grow it gradually. Get the necessary equipment for tummy, abs workout and massage, start with these ones and ensure you target both students and lecturers, attach a monthly gym fee to it, get a good gym coach and you are ready to start.

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50. Look for a problem in your school environs and provide a solution to it: For every problem you solve, you can make money from it. For instance, if you live in the area that has water issues, you can get a truck to deliver water for you and you sell it to other students.

In conclusion

For your business to grow and enable you to make profit from it, you need to promote the business – no matter the kind of business you engage in.
You can advertise through word of mouth, through friends, and so many other media that are cost-effective to boost your business.
Don’t forget to start small and grow your business into what you want it to be.

Still not satisfied?

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