6 Ways Your Front Office Can Make a Good Impression

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Your front office is the place where visitors and guests meet your company for the first time. Logically, they will get their first impression that very moment, a lot before a meeting with your team. Therefore, you have to present your company in the right way, and these six ways will help you achieve excellent results in this mission.

1. Verbal communication has to be perfect

Communication between your front office staff and your visitors or guests is the first line of introduction. Your employees have to greet your guests in the best possible way, with the proper tone of voice and word choice. The policy of your company should determine the way your staff speaks to visitors. They should use phrases such as “good morning/afternoon” if you want to address visitors more formally. On the other hand, your staff can use the phrase “hi there” if you decide to lower the tone of formality.

Communication training is essential for every employee. However, on special occasions, when you arrange meetings with particular people, you should inform your employees how to approach each person.

2. Nonverbal communication is equally essential

Training doesn’t only include the communication part. Your staff must know how to stand, smile and move (if necessary). All these parts of nonverbal communication are essential for excellent customer experience. Besides that, your employees must have advanced listening skills. If they are not aware of the problem in the first place, they won’t be able to help your guests.

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The appearance of your staff members is also super vital. They must present your company or brand in the best possible way. Therefore, their clothes have to fit the image of your company. A buttoned-up shirt with a tie and a blazer is suitable for a luxury brand, for example. But, on the other hand, if you are a small tech startup, your staff should rather wear more casual clothes.

3. Your interior design has to shine

The interior can be responsible for that first good (or bad) impression, even before your guest reaches the desk staff. Of course, a vast space is better since you can put everything in its place and it will never feel crowded.

However, there are many things you can do even with a small space. Make it look clean and remove all unnecessary furniture. Also, consider a cheerful, warm color for your front desk to look more welcoming. Apart from that, try to maximize any possible natural light and put furniture in the right way.

Finally, take care of accessories, graphics and decor. Your company’s policy is essential regarding this step. It is the only way to determine the style of your interior – modern, traditional or something else.

4. Everything has to be organized perfectly

The organization in your front office has to be perfect. Everything needs to go smoothly. The first step is, as we mentioned, that your staff knows how to greet your guests and visitors and provide all relevant information. But the step after that is essential, where any organizational error could be fatal. Your visitors should not wait for even a second longer than it is necessary.

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If your company is struggling with achieving perfect organization, consider investing in an advanced tech visitor management option. By automating the whole front office process, you will improve your overall customer experience, and most importantly, you will act and look more professional.

 5. Conduct many types of interviews to find the right person

A front office job is very hard. Your staff members need to be perfect in several skills, such as problem-solving, active listening, empathy, good posture, etc. Therefore, you need to conduct at least two or three interviews because otherwise, you’ll not be able to tell if they possess these skills or not.

Maybe the best way is a three-step interview. First, over the phone, to check the necessary skills only. After that, talk one-on-one with the candidate. Finally, gather all your hiring managers, provide tests, and ask all relevant questions to make sure the candidate possesses each essential skill.

6. Show gratitude and reward your good front office team

Your job doesn’t end with finding the best team. On the contrary, you should show that you care about them to keep their motivational level high. At the same time, you should show a clear career path with all potential progress. But, in the first place, what every hard-working employee deserves are rewards and bonuses.

Never hesitate to reward your front office team for a great job. They have to be consistent every day, to smile even when they are sad, and always to provide precise answers on every possible question. That is very, very hard. If they manage to do it correctly, they deserve those bonuses!
Investing in both employees and interior design is a must if you want to make an excellent first impression. Keep in mind your business policy. Choose design and train employees based on the primary goals of your brand.

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