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About MyAfribusiness

We are committed to inspiring entrepreneurs to start successful  businesses that will create more jobs and enhance the economy of their countries.

We seek to do this by providing valuable information on business development, investment, wealth creation, entrepreneurship and sharing inspiring stories of successful businesses and entrepreneurs.

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The MyAfribusiness Team


Message From The Lead Editor


I am glad to have you here at MyAfribusiness.com!

I love seeing new businesses, especially in Africa, become successful. I believe that when more businesses become successful, more jobs would be created, there would be poverty alleviation and crimes will reduce. This passion led to this website.

I am knowledgeable in business development, content marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, investing, wealth creation and personal finance.  I  have a special interest in agriculture and information and communications technology, ICT.

I enjoy networking and partnering with people to achieve great things. For all your enquiries, collaborations consultancy or mentoring, kindly contact us.

Nice meeting you.


Gospel Emeka.