How Anna Phosa Became one of Africa’s Biggest Pig Farmers

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There is no limit to what you can achieve in life and in business as an entrepreneur if you are determined and willing to attempt great things and don’t give up until you see your dreams come true.

Anna Phosa had a challenging childhood and upbringing as her father died at her early age.  She dropped out of school due to her family’s financial situation. However, her drive for success was not strong.

In 2004, Anna used her personal saving to start her first pig farm in Soweto with $100 and with only 4 small pigs. Through reading books on pig farming and networking with other farmers, she increased her knowledge on pig farming through the aid of the provincial department of agriculture, being a newbie in the business. She was very determined to succeed.

After several months, her pigs had increase and she began supplying meat to the local market. In 2005, she approached Vereeniging Meat Packers and after reaching an agreement with them, she began supplying meat to the company.

Despite the challenges she encountered in the business, she was determined to succeed and in 2008, she got her business breakthrough when a South African retail supermarket giant, Pick n’ Pay contracted her to supply 10 pigs to its stores every week. Pleased with her services and delivery, Pick n’ Pay increased the demand to 20 pigs every week.

By 2010, Anna signed another contract, this time, a – five – year contract with Pick ‘n Pay to supply 100 pigs per week for just about R25 million – that’s about $2.1 million today. With this contract, Anna applied and received loans from ABSA Bank and USAID to buy a 350 hectare farmland.

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Today, from just four pigs, Anna’s Dreamland Piggery has about 30 staff, and houses nearly 4,000 pigs at a time and supplies roughly 100 to 120 pigs a week to retailers in South Africa and she plans to expand her supplies to neighboring African countries. She is regarded as one of Africa’s most successful business women and as ‘celebrity pig farmer’.

See inspiring her video below:

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