Booking a Hotel for Your Business Trip? Put these 7 Items on Your Checklist

Imagine the scenario: You’re away on a business trip, and the hotel you are staying at doesn’t have free Wi-Fi. And worse, there are no plug points to make sure your phone and your laptop are fully charged before you have to attend a meeting with an important client.

This is every business travelers’ nightmare!

To avoid any mishap on your next business trip, here are some vital features you should make sure are on your checklist when you book a business travel hotel:

1. Free Wi-Fi

One of the biggest hassles of a business trip is the fact that you need to be in constant touch with your team, even though all of you might be working remotely. Every second counts. If that report needs to go up at 3 p.m. to your boss, it just needs to go. No excuses allowed.

You know that the first thing that should be on your checklist as a business traveler is uninterrupted Wi-Fi. And the Wi-Fi needs to be strong enough to be able to facilitate video conferencing, sending emails and downloading large files easily.

2. Plenty of Plug Points

It’s an added bonus if the hotel has an infinite number of plug points to charge your phone and laptop battery. This might not always be a listed amenity in your hotel’s website so call the hotel before your trip and ask the help desk if your hotel room has enough plug points for all your devices.

After all, you don’t want your devices to be drained in the middle of an important client presentation.

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3. Airport Pick Up and Drop

If you are visiting the city for the first time, chances are that you might not know the routes very well. Taxis are always available at the airport, but they generally cost the sky and earth combined together. They might not even drop you off at the right place. So it’s always better to avail the pick-up and drop services if your hotel offers them.

4. A Quiet and Homely Setting

You need to work in your guest room at the hotel if you are on a business trip. This is a given. For this you need to make sure the room is well-lit, there is an ergonomic work area equipped with a notepad and a pen. A business center and printers should be easily accessible, and there should be a peaceful environment to get a good night’s rest.

It’s an added bonus if you have a tea and coffee maker in your room so that you have instant access to caffeine whenever you need it while working.

5. In-house Dining Options

We all know the hustle is real. When you are on a business trip, you want to be near your laptop and within the range of a good Wi-Fi connection. This means that though you will make one or two mandatory stops at local tourist spots and go shopping, you will probably want to eat your meals in your hotel.

So make sure that the place that you are staying at has the option of an in-house restaurant. You can check out the restaurant reviews on Swiggy and Zomato to see if they have something that will tingle your taste buds.

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6. Laundry Services

As a business traveler, you might be carrying suits or dresses that might have got wrinkled after extensive travel. Imagine being stuck with a wrinkled suit in a city you’re not familiar with and have no idea where the Laundromat is. Having in-house laundry service in your hotel can be a blessing from the heavens, in this case.

7. Rejuvenating Facilities

Now that you are done with work, it’s time to relax.

Does the hotel that you are booking for your business trip have an in-house spa? A place to relax nearby?

This is one point on your checklist you should consider when booking your hotel. After all, everybody needs a good stress buster. Hotels are now upping their game and making their hotel the best travel destination for business travelers. After you’ve ticked off all the items on your checklist, it comes down to choosing the hotel which best suits your travel style.

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Author Bio:

Rishi Kamra works with Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace. He has over a decade of experience in the hospitality and event management industry which allows him to create value-driven content for his readers. Travelling and photography are his two passions and in his free time, he enjoys working with the youth of his city by volunteering his time and mentoring young adults.

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