Business Plan For Mobile Phones & Accessories Business

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1. Executive Summary:

The invention of mobile phones has revolutionized how we communicate over the past two decades. Traditionally, mobile phones remained out of the hands of most consumers due to their high cost. As a result, cell phone manufactures have invested time and resources into finding ways to make mobile phones more accessible and affordable to the common man.  Mobile phones dealers are benefiting from this research and starting to sell large-scale consumer products.

Kings Phones and Accessories Hub is taking advantage of an opportunity to become a highly distinguished and recognized leader among the dealers of mobile phones and accessories in Nigeria. It is the goal of our company to become established as the leading distributor of mobile phones and accessories products in Ibadan, Oyo state and Nigeria at large.

In order to achieve this goal, Kings Phones and Accessories Hub’s critical success factors will be to identify emerging trends and integrate them into our company operations, respond quickly to technology changes/be there early, provide high-quality products, invest time and money in marketing and advertising, expand into specialty markets, and stay ahead of the business of sales of quality and affordable mobile phones and accessories in Nigeria.

This project is to establish standard one-stop shop of hub for all kinds of cell phones and accessories.  The purpose of this business plan is to set out a comprehensive plan and strategy for the establishment of the said mobile phone and accessories dealership outlet. The major products to be marketed are phones and phone accessories of various brands.  Initially, we intend to seek to be an authorized Slot dealer. However, as the business grows, we plan have our own exclusive brand and then begin to sublet our dealership franchise. This business plan will show the expected financials and operations over the next three years. The following reports and recommendations relate to the business plan and feasibility study to establish a phone dealership shop. This project will need a start-up capital of X  million naira which is required to finance both current and non-current assets of the business.

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Our vision is to become a household name in the sales and distribution of all types of cellular phones and accessories in Ibadan, Oyo state and across other states of Nigeria. This project is envisaged to be situated in Ibadan in order to provide easily accessible phones and accessories to the multiple phone users there.

The financial projections show that the project will be financially stable as it progresses. By the end of the first year the expected net profit/ earnings from sales before tax  is X million naira while net profit/earnings after tax is X million naira , giving a 9.2% net profit margin or returns on investment (ROI) and 49.2% return on Equity (ROE). The gross income is also expected to grow by 20% in subsequent years. This is shown by the expected earnings for the second year which gives X million naira profit before tax and X million naira profit after tax and generating a 10.5% net profit margin or ROI and 42.9% ROE. Also, the expected earnings for the third year which gives X million naira profit before tax and X million naira profit after tax and generating a 11.3% net profit margin or ROI and 36.5% ROE. (Please refer to the attached financial projections document in Microsoft excel format for details).

The competitive edge of the business is in its ability to penetrate into the market freely, with the use of marketing strategies that will promote rapid turnover. It has in mind to establish more business outlets in Abeokuta, Ado-ekiti, Benin City, Osogbo, Bayelsa and Warri  within the next five years. This project is highly recommendable, because judging from the above profitable measures; it shows that the project offers good investment benefits which is found technically feasible, financially viable and economically desirable.

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We shall be sourcing our products from attested dealers in China and also from major suppliers at Lagos.

  • Objectives
  •  Mission
  • Vision
  • Keys to success.

2. Company Summary

  • Company History
  • Company Strategy
  • Business Risks
  • Value Proposition
  • Competitive Advantage

3. Products and services

  •  Product Description
  • Technology
  • Future Services

4. Market Analysis Summary

  •  Market Segmentation
  • Competition and Buying Patterns
  • SWOT Analysis

5.  Strategy and Implementation Summary

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Programs
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Payment Options
  • Strategic Alliances.

6.0 Management Summary

  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Personnel recruitment plan

7.0 Financial Plan

  • Required start up funds
  • Fixed operating expenses
  • Staff salaries and wages summaries
  • Projected Profit and Loss
  • Income statements
  • Cash flow statements
  • Balance sheet
  • Loan repayment plan
  • Break even analysis
  • Projected cash flow graph

8.0 Appendix



**Cost of the already written business plan which you can adapt for your use is N20,000. This business plan also contains all other financial projections and analysis in addition to the main business plan.

**If you want us to write the customised business plan specifically for your unique business situation, taking into consideration your available capital, loan requirements ,intended business location and other factors, the cost is : N40,000.

Note: Please due to the volume of calls we receive, we prefer that you send us a whatsapp message instead of calling and we shall respond immediately.

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