Easy Steps To Start Sharwama Noodles And Small Chops Mobile Business

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One of the fastest and most trendy mobile food businesses is the sharwama, noodles and small chops business as the business enjoys lots of patronage and quick sales.

Going mobile with your business is very profitable and has many advantages but you need to also prepare for the hard work and licenses and permits that you need to get to get your mobile business up and running. We are not just going to feed you the steps that are needed to help get your mobile business running; we will also enlighten you on the advantages on why you would want to consider starting up a non – stationary business that allows you sell edible products(shawarma, small chops noodles and even grilled/barbeque chicken or fish ) to customers without having to wait for them to get to you, but you to them.

First of, a mobile business simply means a business that is capable and of being moved, especially on wheels. That said, let’s dive a little into the advantages you would be amazed at; not that there aren’t disadvantages but there’s nothing that a very well strategize plan won’t fix or reduce. So, let’s focus on the pros.

Advantages of this business

1. Starting a mobile shawarma, noodles and small chop business means you won’t really need to worry so much about the location since you would reach your patrons at the point of their choice.

2. Now imagine with the pandemic we faced and are still facing, people are not still very comfortable with leaving their houses but they sometimes want to snack on something that is not a usual food, your name would be first in their minds. We are basically saying that the market for this business is large and your flexibility in the business is your value in the market place.

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3. Another advantage is you having that unique taste that makes your patrons want to call you back. Trust me there are so many other advantages you can think of; to mention but a few.
The last advantage mentioned takes us to the first step of owning a mobile shawarma, noodles and small chop business:

Steps to start this business

1. Get trained for the business: Learn how to actually make the best shawarma, noodles and small chops. Give your customer something to want some more. You can think outside the box and come up with your own special recipe that only you can offer, this will not only make you unique in your field but also wanted regularly.

2. Carve out a recipe niche for yourself: This recipe can be from chicken or beef. Your aim is to be well known for a good recipe that keeps your customers craving for more, I know lots of persons like me who love chicken shawama and wherever we get to see a good recipe we stick to the seller.


Hmm, noodles/spaghetti is a go to fast food anytime, I have once had to stay in a long queue at a bus stop close to my house just to buy a spaghetti boulonese with grilled chicken, I didn’t enjoy the spaghetti at all but the aroma attracted me there, am so sure the guy would loose some customers that day, but I regularly visit a small mobile shop that sells noodles and fried egg with either peppered chicken or suya and the taste is so delicious, this noodles woman made me keep coming back cause she knew how to mix her recipe well.

My point here is that you need to know your art well, learn to carve out a niche and ensure you keep your customers taste bud satisfy and wanting more, this way you will always be sure of patronage.

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3. Come up with a plan and a budget: this is a very crucial need for any business. Having a plan before starting your business would enable you know what you need to do, how you need to do it, when you need to, who you need to offer your services to and their locations. You need to prepare for the worst case scenarios and how to manage and expand the business in the long run.

We will give you a bit of what you are expected to do a budget on:

  •  Automobile means or if you don’t want to move around think about the little point of sale that you can create in a busy environment like a detachable kiosk.
  •  Cooking equipment
  • Vehicle outfitting (when you think of the kind of compartment to have)
  •  Business registration (if you are dreaming beyond the now)
  •  Point-Of-Sale system (POS)
  •  License and permit (majorly find out if any requirements are necessary for stationing your mobile business at any chosen location, ensure you get it to be free from harassment)
  •  Insurance policy (mostly for your vehicle)
  •  Staff pay(if you are not going to run the business yourself)
  •  Fuel and so on.    You need to find out what the basic things that you need are and what it would cost you to get them. Have in mind that you do not necessarily have to get everything, you can get the most important ones and startup with it.

If you aren’t thinking of being mobile(moving around) then you need to find out the amount needed to construct a good wood tent at a strategic location, preferably a bustop or a busy street, let the kiosk like tent have some compartment area for storing your pots and utensils for cooking, or you can get a good place close by to store all your equipment to avoid theft.

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4. Get your business name registered: There’s no point emphasizing on this point since it is something you should not even think twice about: it is essential for the big scale.

5.Get all the license and permits needed to allow you move around without being disturbed or bothered. Some of the license and permit you need are; state business license, local business license, driver’s license, sellers permit and so on.

6. Sell your value, brand, taste, looks and everything that you can sell to your audience: In other words market your business. This could also be budgeted for, but if you have a strong online presence it is best you make use of it to your greatest advantage. Words of mouth is also a very good way to spread your business (so get people talking about your business) everything is online these days, get your friends working anywhere be it banks, hospitals, hotels, or running their various businesses to give you a shout out in their environment, let them talk about you, this will sell you faster.
7. Start cooking: You can’t talk so much about your food when there’s nothing cooking. You can get people to taste your food and have them go online and make noise about it. Now, this is why you need to be very good at what you do. Well, because if you give so much out and it’s not very tasty no one will talk about it. You need a serious selling point and a delicious taste to it bearing in mind that you have a lot of competitors.

Small chops

Also small chops, popularly called finger foods is loved by everyone and its easy to make, you can go on YouTube and see various videos on how to improve on your knowledge.

Essential equipment for the business

The most basic equipment needed to start your business:
Prices of equipments
* Shawarma toasters. #100,000
* Deep fryer. #12,000
* Electric cooker. #6,000
* Deep freezer. #120,000
* Fridge. #70,000
* Utensils (frying pan and pot. #20,000
* Bowls/cutlery. #20,000
* Cleaning tools. #10,000

These prices are estimated but you can make your budget from them.

Here are also some small chops ideas that might help you get started:
* Samosa
* Spring rolls
* Mini Puff Puff
* Mini Sausage Rolls
* Asun (smoked spicy goat meat)
* Mini Grilled chicken
* Mini Donuts
* Plantain & Gizzards
* Banana Puff Puff
* Battered Plantain
* Peppered snails
* Peppered Ponmo (Cow leather) and so on.


The world is evolving and we know it is something that you must have heard a lot, so no need for laying emphasis on the fact that the world is going “mobile” and food is something we can not do without. So, is this a good business to venture into? Yes! But you need a plan to stand out, build a strategy and “PLAN TO BE CONSISTENT” because some people with great strategy but inconsistency loose out on the long run.

Cheers to your new gold mine!

We hope this article was of great help?  

Bonus tip: I know a friend who runs a shawama, noodles and small chops business in a kiosk like tent at a busy area, she told my sis in confidence that she makes nothing less than 20k a day, that’s if the day is not too favourable, but if its she makes more. Imagine 20k x 7days in a week that’s roughly 140k in a week multiply by 4weeks. Hmm there is a great opportunity in this business kindly maximize it.

The good thing is you can start small, start with your capacity, don’t be scared of growing or expanding. The sky is just a starting point.

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