How to Drive an Automatic Car Correctly – Guidelines & Considerations

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With the in-depth development of automotive technology, automatic cars are becoming more and more popular. They can save more fuel, lower maintenance costs, and they can better protect the environment and reduce emissions.

Automatic gear model has no clutch, only brakes and throttle. Thus, automatic car will be very easy to learn to drive. However, because the operation of automatic cars is different from manual cars, many new car owners are not familiar with the process and operation of self-driving.

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1. Introduction of Automatic Gears

First of all, we need to be familiar with the automatic gear. The block has six positions, from top to bottom: P, R, N, D, 2, L. Each represents a different function.

P——Parking,This is the parking stall. When you are not parking, the gear is parked at P, and the wheel is in the Anti-skid Braking state to prevent slippage.

R——Reverse gear. As the name implies, it is used when backing up.

N——Neutral. Use this gear when parking temporarily (such as pedestrians, traffic jams, red lights, etc.). It should be noted that in order to prevent the vehicle from slipping on the slope, you must step on the brake when using this gear.

D——Forward gear, also known as drive gear. This gear is used when the vehicle is moving forward.

2——Second gear can be used to start forward on a large slope or when starting on a more inclined slope.

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The principle is that by hanging the gears here, the gears of the car can only be switched in the low gear (equivalent to the first and second gears of the manual car), so as to ensure the maximum forward power of the car.

L——Low gear. When going downhill or down a long slope, hanging the gear here can limit the car’s gear to only the lowest gear (equivalent to the first gear of a manual car), so that the car uses engine power to brake when going downhill. The driver does not have to step on the brakes for a long time to cause the brake pads to overheat and be dangerous.

OD—-This is an overspeed gear, which is used when driving at high speed to achieve the purpose of saving fuel.

After you are familiar with the functions of various gears of the automatic wave of the car, you can enjoy the fun of automatic cars.

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2. The Use of Automatic Gear

An automatic car is easier to drive than a manual car. First of all, only the right foot controls the brake and throttle and starts the vehicle to step on the brake. At this time, the gear should be in the P or N gear. After starting the vehicle, put down the parking brake and hang the gear to the D gear. At this time, release the foot brake, gently step on the throttle, and the vehicle begins to drive.


It is worth noting that when the engine starts, the automatic gearbox also restricts the gear, which is the adjustment made by the manufacturer to the gearbox for the sake of safety.

Generally speaking, the engine can be started only when the transmission lever is in the position of gear P or N.
If the transmission lever is in the driving gear, such as D, R, etc., the engine will not start.

The purpose of this restriction is to prevent the car from colliding with the front and rear objects.
So be sure to check that the gear is in the right position before you start the car.

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When the car starts to drive, you have to step on the brake pedal to move the transmission lever out of P gear or N gear and into the driving gear. Release the brake pedal and the car can drive slowly.
The reason why we have to hit the brakes in advance is also for the safety of the driver and the car. Otherwise, after the engine starts, put on the forward gear, the car will move, at this time, if the driver does not react enough, it is easy to have a collision accident.

It is important to note that do not glide in neutral on the way, nor do you forcibly hang Ppool R to stop, you just need to hit the brakes.
You can always use D gear downhill and uphill, and just use brakes and throttle to control the speed. In addition, when moving gear D or R, you must put your foot on the brake (brake), otherwise the car will not be able to move.


When waiting for a red light or when stopping for a short time, hang the gear in D gear and then hit the brake; if the time is more than 2 minutes, it is best to move the gear in N gear and lift the brake (brake).

Handbrake must be used when parking for a long time, otherwise the locking mechanism of the automatic gearbox will be damaged.

The difference between the P gear and the N gear is that there is a gear bite in the P gear gearbox, which is not only used for parking, but also helps the vehicle to brake. After parking, you must push the gear to the P gear, not only rely on the handbrake to brake in the N gear!
This is especially true for parking on slopes.

After reading the above introduction and precautions of self-driving, do you have a basic understanding of self-driving cars?
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