How To Establish A Profitable Printing Press Business – Detailed Guide

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Many people have several views about how difficult it is to start some businesses. Most times,  these views are not the reality. When you engage in a seemingly difficult business, you might find out that the business is not as difficult or capital intensive as often portrayed.

Printing press business is one of such businesses that are often regarded as extremely difficult and capital intensive to start, but this is definitely not the case.

Printing press business is a very lucrative business with high demand, as small and medium scale enterprises, social and religious organisations spring forth daily with the need to showcase what they do through several printed materials like; handbills, pamphlets, leaflets, folders, brochures, books, etc.

There are various aspects of printing press businesses available for starters. You can choose to start with a particular aspect and subsequently move into the rest of the production process with time.

In this 21st century, starting a printing press business doesn’t require many years or months or years of training or getting all soaked with ink just to get a few jobs done. Rather, the business has tremendously advanced from that stage and now printing jobs are easier to execute due to the development of various apps and tools for designing, and this advancement has cut off some rigorous processes in printing.

Two major ways to go about starting a printing press business

Now, there are two ways to go about the printing business. You either start small or big.

A. Starting a small scale printing press

This requires little or no capital from you, doesn’t requires that you know the nitty-gritty of the business.You can even start the business from home. You advertise online  or via word of mouth and when you get the a client, you give quotation for the work needed and then you contract some or more of the various stages in the production process and deliver to your clients.

Foremost, you can make several designs using apps on your phone or your laptop and then take the soft copy of the design to a printing house for the production of the hardcopies. I have even seen some clients that only need you to design and send them the soft copy.

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Therefore, for a small scale graphic designing and printing business,  you need to be a good graphic designer, but you may not have other printing equipments.

However, if you aren’t a graphic designer, don’t  worry! Graphic designers are easily available. You can get one and partner with him or her.

You can get a good graphic designer and let the person run a sample logo design for you. Use the logo as adverts on social media platforms and also do offline adverts.

Ensure you know the cost of materials and printing, in order to avoid under charging your clients which can cause you to give a low quality job.

B. Starting a large scale printing press

In starting a printing press business in a large scale, you may consider carrying out a  business name registration Android acquiring an office space and procuring various printing equipments needed for the business.

You also need to hire experienced personnel to run these machines for you and carry out various production operations.

As a big business owner, you will want to invest in high-quality printers, as that’s the major necessity of your business.

Basic processes used in a large scale printing press

  • Graphic designing: A graphic designer does creative designs suitable for the job and uses as many colors as you want to create the design before delivering it to you.
  • Colour seperation: Next step is to get the design to the personnel whose job is to separate colours. In this stage, the design is placed on a separation system that turns the design into films depending on colours used.
  • Impression: After colour separation has been done, the film is transferred into plates machine, which in turn makes it into an impression. It is the impression made by the plates machine that brings out the final results before moving it to the printing machine.
  • Printing: The printing machine is the last stage of the job and it’s important you ensure that a good operator does the printing for you, to avoid mistakes. Printing is done using various machines and these machines come in different sizes and capabilities. The final product is realised at this stage.

Steps to take to start a large scale printing press

1. Have a business plan: This should encompass your business SWOT analysis, expected capital sources, proposed expenses, marketing plans and projected profits, etc. It should also include projected growth rate of the business and ways to drive traffic into the business, etc.

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2. Acquire knowledge: Find out what services other businesses lacks, make your research, pay a visit to other printing businesses within your locality and ask questions. These help you to discover where to improve on, and puts you in a position which gives you an edge over your competitors.

Look for other services which other printing businesses do not offer or something they don’t do right and improve on these. Doing this would become a plus to your business.

3. Get the needing funding: Yes, you need to secure the needed funding for the business. From your business plan you must have settled this. Now this is the time to go for the funds and get it so that you can use it to bring the business into a reality.

4. Get an appropriate business location:
It’s important to get a good location within your budget for your printing business, which can be easily accessible to your target market. Choose your business location wisely.

5. Create a niche: There are so many areas of specialization in printing press business, like printing  magazine covers, T-shirts, labels, business cards, advertisement on flyers, brochures, sign post, banners, legal documents, financial documents, printing on bags, mugs, restaurant menus, invitation cards, promotional materials etc.

The possibilities available in the printing press business is so much, but you need to focus on a particular aspect and be known for it.

7. Create an outline of the services that you offer and offer after sales services: Having services outline helps your clients make up their mind faster on what printing job they need and enable them to select precisely what they want. An outline is also a medium of advertising other printing activities you offer.

After sales services can be included in your business and it saves your customers time to go pick the finished product from the store.

8. Get the necessary equipments for the business: You need to try as much as you can to get the best equipments within your budget as this can go a long way to impacting your success in the business.

Basic equipments needed for a printing press

  • High-quality digital printer: Various printers are available for different jobs, the most popular kind are cord machine which comes in various sizes, D1 machine, etc.
  • Various designing softwares: This is needed to create designs and allow your clients select the particular designs they want.
  • Desktop computer(s) and/or Laptop(s): Used to carry out the various digital / graphic designs for printing.
  • Hydraulic cutters: Used to cut the printed materials into the needed sizes. 
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Dedication and consistently delivering quality products will keep you make your business to stand out from your competitors and propel you forward. Printing press business can yield good revenue if you maintain good production quality and service delivery.

Continually keep customers’ satisfaction as a priority and do not forget to get updated about modern trends and development in the printing press business.

If you do these, you should see success.

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