How To Make Money As A Fashion Designer In Nigeria

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Are you interested in fashion? Do you admire most of those elaborate outfits worn by celebs and wish you could have one? Do you have a knave for combining colors and turning them into something beautiful to wear? Are you creative with ideas on what to wear?

Then you can do fashion designing.

What is fashion designing all about, you may want to know?

Fashion design is the art of applying designs, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories

Now a fashion designer is a person who attempts to design clothes which stands out in beauty as well as suits the occasion for which it’s brought.

Fashion designing is one of the relatively cheap business to start-up in Nigeria, it doesn’t require much start-up capital and it is very rewarding. The demand is high because Nigerians love to dress well and attend parties and occasions as each new occasion requires new wears.

How to start a fashion designing business

1. Enroll for a fashion training school  or apprentiship – This can last for several months to even years, depending on how fast you can learn. You need to be trained on the trained on the basics, on how to use the sewing machines to make simple garments, on how to cut materials, draw designs and combine colors before sewing.

The training duration would give you a general idea on what you need and the mistakes to avoid making in sewing.

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2. Get the necessary equipment –

Here are the basic equipment you will need to establish your own fashion designing business:

a. Sewing machine which is about ₦35,000 or less in the market.

b. A pair of scissors which cost ₦250 per one

c. Tape rule which is ₦30

d. Stick ruler which may cost ₦150 or less

c. Threads of various colors a pack of 12 cost ₦250

d. Pressing iron

e. Power Generating set

f. Some fabrics as you desire.

g. Tables

h. Samples catalogue

3. Get an office space – This is not a must. Initially, you can start from your home if don’t have the money to rent an office space.

4. Start looking for clients – Advertise your services using all possible means. Use word of mouth advertisement, use flyers , social media, etc

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How to make your fashion designing business to stand out from others.

1. Dont forget to iron the clothes for your clients after sewing the clothes.

2. Try as much as possible to meet target date of delivery as agreed with your clients.

3.Focus on one or a few clothing line and be known for it. Jack of all trades is said to be master of known. You can focus on suits, or traditional wears, or English wears etc and be best in it. I known man who is known for only suits and he charges ₦100,000 to sew each suit. Most of his clients are politicians and wealthy people. But he makes great suits. I am not saying you should limit yourself. All am saying is that you should be very good on what ever lines of clothing services you choose to offer to clients.

4. Offer home delivery services. You can offer to deliver the clothes you make to your clients houses or offices. This will earn you more clients especially from those that are too busy.

5. Employ more qualified staff. You can’t do it alone. If you get more clients, you won’t be able to meet up with their demand alone. Therefore your need to recruit more qualified staff to help facilitate better and  faster service delivery.

6. Go for refresher trainings from time to time. You need to on top of the job always. New trendy designs come out daily and if you don’t seek to learn these new designs as fast as possible, your will be left out and lose clients. Always keep yourself relevant in the job by going for trainings.

7. Get better and state of the arts equipments and machines. There are improved sewing machines band equipment that are equipped with higher capacity features. Get or plan to get them with time. Get the electric sewing machines too.

8. Charge appropriately. Don’t charge too much and don’t also charge too cheap.

9. Use all possible means to market your business. Get a Facebook page or other social media accounts for your business. Get a website for your business. We can help your design a professional and affordable website for your business. Contact us.

10. As I said in the article, keep improving your skills and capacity by frequent trainings.


The main thing in sewing is focus and the ability to combine colors and create styles that can be admired and worn. Now there is always a ready market for sewing, it’s a business that doesn’t lack patronage, you will definitely see one person that will want to spend at least ₦1,000 on sewing a very basic style of gown, trousers, shirts or  traditional wears.

Don’t just feel you need to start big in fashion designing. You can start small by sewing for
families and friends at a little cost, then advertise your business through them. Most importantly, wear your own designs because, you are the first marketer for yourself and when people see you and admire your clothing, they have the tendency to spread the word that they know a good tailor/ a fashion designer when the need arises.

Get some sample materials of about two yards, start with a beautiful flare skirt or a peplos  top which may cost you about ₦1500. Remember I said threads are cheap, you can buy a single one for ₦ 30. You already have your machine and the manpower is yours.  After you are done with the skirt or top, iron it then package it in and let your mouth do the  advert for you.  You can sell that skirt or top for as high as  ₦2500 or more depending on your audience and your style.

You need dedication, hard work, creativity and passion to be successful in this business. The world is a global village where you can watch simple procedures on YouTube and research on google about how to create different styles. Make use of the internet to learn, grow, network and develop yourself.

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