How To Make Money From Production And Sales Of Custard In Africa / Nigeria

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Custard is a refined pap made from cornflour, which comes in different choice flavors. This unique meal is a favourite breakfast meal in many African countries, especially in Nigeria.

Custard is usually enjoyed by the young and old due to the nourishing richness you get after  taking the meal. Liquid or powdered milk can be added to it, to give it a very rich taste.

This beloved meal can be taken with fried plantains, yams, potatoes, toasts, bean balls and a host of other servings of your choice.

Custard is a simple meal made majorly from cornflour and some basic ingredients. The beauty of making your own custard powder is the ability of adding different flavors and vitamins as you choose.

Anyone can engage in custard production and distribution business even if you are a student, housewife or an unemployed youth etc, as the profit realizable from this business is limitless, and it requires low start up capital.

Starting your own custard powder production, sales and distribution is not as difficult as you think. You can start this business from home, part-time or full- time and build your own custard brand until it grows and becomes well-known.

Cooked custard ready for consumption

Ingredients needed to make custard

The ingredients needed for custard business includes:

Milk flavor
Egg yellow
Vanilla or any choice flavor

All the above ingredients should be in powdered form.

How to mix the ingredients

It is important to note that all the abobe ingredients should be bought in powdered form. Follow the steps below to mix.

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1. First, get a clean sieve specially designed to remove lumps or particles from powered products and sieve the corn flour into a clean bowl.

2.  Sieve your milk extract, your vanilla flavor, powered milk and sugar, and egg yellow.

3. Mix all ingredients together with a spatula ( or any good turning device ). Ensure to mix well to integrate all. Boom! Your custard powder is ready!

It is very easy to produce, also the cost of production is low as all ingredients listed above can be brought in little quantities.

Packaging and marketing your product

Get a small sealing machine, cost of sealing machine should be N7,000 or below, a transparent thick polythene bag, the kind that suit you, have a small sticker designed with your business name, logo and contact details.

Marketing your products can be done by various means. We have explained in details a whole lot about effective marketing including digital marketing in our e-book: how to market any product like a pro.

At first, you can give out small quantities not you final product to your  friends and get their feedback after consumption on the taste and color, before you venture into large scale production.

Ensure that your products are well and attractively packaged as this helps your products to sell faster.

As a new producer, you already know there are various competitors in this line of business. Therefore, you need to find out and focus on an advantage you have over other brands which is your unique selling point. Your unique selling point endears you to your consumers.

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Advantages and disadvantages of going into custard production and sales

The advantages of getting into custard production and sales include:

  • Low capital requirements: startup cost is low and purchasing of equipments for production is affordable.
  • The production cost is low as the labour is done by you, especially not you are starting off in a small scale.
  • The ability of dominating your local market with your brand is high.
  • Custard is easy to make and consume and so the consumers are more likely to buy it from you.

Disadvantages of this business majorly has to do with the fact that there are already flourishing big brands with operating license to manufacture custard in a bigger quantity. You have to compete with  these bigger producers.

However, you can carve out a niche for yourself in the business by ensure quality products and giving excellent customer services.

The success secret in every business is craving out a niche for yourself and building your brand over time by ensure that you find out what other competitors have missed out in their products and then closing the gap. Also, you need to continually look out for wards to improve your product design and delivery and overall customer satisfaction.


The profit inherent in custard production is high because the cost of production is low.

Custard business is one good business that is so viable as you can start supplies to small shops or kiosks round your locality.

As your business steadily grow, you can get nafdac approval and license to market your brand to large audience and make your money.

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I always advice that before making any big plans in any business start small, tryout little, get consumers feedback before stepping out fully. This trial phrase helps you know how to penetrate the market and improve on your production.

Success awaits you when you try.

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