How To Market Any Product Like A Pro – The Complete Marketing Guide

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Take away effective marketing from any business and the business becomes less profitable, losses customers, losses brand value and ultimately gradually fails.

As an entrepreneur you need to pay special attention to marketing. You need to deliberately and objectively develop your marketing skills. This is a very important skill any entrepreneur must possess, else you won’t see any meaningful success in your business.

A fair product with excellent marketing will sell even better than an excellent product with fair marketing. This shows that business success and sales rises and falls on effective marketing.

Many years ago, when I produced my first product, I was very excited about that new product. I believed that the product would be highly embraced by consumers. Why shouldn’t they love it and buy it? After all, I put a lot of hard work and innovation into the product.

However, the patronage wasn’t as encouraging as I expected. I learnt the hard way. I made an analysis to know what the problem was and  found out that I didn’t follow the principles of effective marketing. That was a learning for me. From then, I set out to develop my marketing skills and to learn the principles of effective marketing and it’s constituents.

After that time, I have created several products that have been very successful and profitable, because I used and applied the principles of effective marketing as I have learnt over the years.

I have not arrived when it comes to marketing. However, I am bold to say that I have learnt a lot and  I know many things when it comes to product marketing.

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Taking your business to the next level through effective marketing

I see many businesses stagnated and many entrepreneurs struggling to make their business a success without any progress. I wish I could gather all entrepreneurs and teach them the secrets of success in business by  utilising marketing strategies. I have always wanted to share my knowledge about this over the years.

This has bothered me for many years now. That is why I and Salome Precious had to write this book as a way of helping out.

We believe that when more  businesses succeed, more jobs will be created. When more people are gainfully employed, crime rate will reduce, our society will be safer and our nation’s economy will be better for the benefit of all.

Salome Precious is a trained accountant and a digital marketing and product branding expert. She has also added her wealth of knowledge into to this book.

This book has 29600 words and 145 pages. You need to read the e-book to propel you to your next level of business success. After reading this book, your orientation about marketing will change completely. We put in years of experience and enormous research into the book.

In the e-book, we will show you the following and many more:

    •  Signs that show that your business has a weak marketing.
    • How effective digital marketing can benefit your business.
    •  How to develop a marketing plan.
    •  How to understand your customer’s needs.
    •  How to develop marketing strategies.
    •  The marketing strategies that produce the best results in business.
    •  How to brand your products for optimum results.
    •  How to understand consumer buying behaviour.
    •  How to utilize consumer buying behaviour to grow your sales.
    •  How to build loyal customers.
      •  How to reduce customers defection.
    • How to evaluate the marketing effectiveness of your business.
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And many more!

How much does the e-book cost?

This book is worth at least N10, 000 ( or $28 ). Frankly, it cost much more than that, because if you learn and apply the principles in the book, you could become a millionaire and even a billionaire. Yes, you can become a billionaire! It will transform your business no matter the size. You can never regret buying this book. This is a book that will keep serving as a marketing and sales manual for your business for many years to come.

However, as our way of contributing to your success, we are offering the book for ONLY N1000 ( $3 ). The money generated from the sales is to be used mainly to maintain this blog and take care of our paid staff, so that we can serve you better. You can even pay more if you wish as a way of supporting our team.

How to get the e-book

1. Pay N1000 ( $3 ) into the bank account below or make a transfer into the bank account.

Bank : Stanbic IBTC Bank
Account Number : 9304725722
Account  Name : Gospel Emeka O.

For international transfers,
Swift code : SBICNGLX
Bank sort code : 221040496

2. Send a mail to us with the name of this e-book as the title stating your name, and amount paid:


Or send a screenshot of your transfer to us via whatsApp or notify us via SMS that you paid for the book : +234-8063417545

3. We shall send you the e-book to the email address with which you wrote to us or via whatsApp as soon as we confirm your  payment.

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Thanks in advance for supporting this blog by buying this e-book.

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