How To Produce Coconut Oil And Start Making Money

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Coconut oil is used largely by beauticians, skin care and hair care producers.
Its use is legendary across Africa and beyond the shores of Africa.

It has lots of benefit to the skin and hair, which makes it a sought after products by all.

Coconut oil business is quite lucrative as it is not a common product that can easily be found in any market, one has to first ask questions and check if its available at the market close to them.

~Coconut oil helps reduce obesity, by turning bad cholesterol into good ones. A very remarkable function.

~Helps prevent heart diseases and reduced blood pressure.

~It helps in curing urinary infection.

~It contains anti aging components.

~Can act as salve for wounds and burns.

~Helps improves, nourish, and promote hair growth.

~Acts as good source of vitamins for the skin.

This can be done in two methods:

METHOD ONE: Cold Press
This method is well recommended, as you get the entire benefits in the oil without losing any of its nutrients.

Cold press method is achieved by getting a matured coconut, extracting the fleshy part from the hard back, cut into tiny sizes and blend with a food processor.

Add little water to enable the food processor blend all tiny piece well. When this is done, you need to get a sieve or cheese cloth, put it over a container, pour the entire coconut mesh into the sieve or preferably the cheese cloth, gently squeeze the liquid into the open container to extract the milk.

Repeat the process by pouring hot/warm water into the mesh to get the maximum milk off the coconut.

Finishing the above process, you need to cover the container with the lid, ensure it’s airtight, allow the container to sit in a cool place for 24hrs, or it can be placed horizontally in the fridge for 24hrs, after which it’s brought out, by this time the oil has separated from the water.

Use a good scoop/spoon to remove the oil from the surface of the water.
Here you have it, YOUR VERY OWN cold pressed coconut oil.

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METHOD TWO: Hot pressed
This method is quite different from the cold pressed method as the name implies, this method may lead to loss of some nutrients in the oil, as it needs the milk to pass through heat to extract maximum oil.

The process involved in extracting the oil is similar but different, as the fleshy parts of a matured coconut gets removed from the back, and placed facing the sun to dry off a bit or completely, this allows the water contained in the coconut flesh reduced and makes the oil easy to get extracted.

After the coconut has been exposed to the sun to dry off for a while, shred it into small bits that can easily get processed by a juicer, fill the juicer with the shredded parts, watch it extract both the oil and the milk, repeat this process as the oil and milk doesn’t come off completely on one juicing.

Or you can actually blend the shredded coconut with a food processor, add a little water to make it blend easier, then sieve.

Take the outcome of the juicing /food processor(the milk and oil extracted), place it on a clean pot over a low heat, this takes time as it allows the heat covert all milky part into oil and also dry up any water gotten from the juicing process.

The process is usually time consuming as all milk needs turns to oil, once this is done, allow the oil cool off before sorting out into small containers.

From the above methods, you can actually choose the process that may seem easy to extract the oil, personally I do recommend the cold press method as it gives you the complete nutrient inherent in coconut, and also coconut roughages cannot be wasted, it can be further used by bakers caterers in baking and cooking.

~ Survey
Carry out detailed market survey, get information from sellers on market prices, sizes and quantity sold for a given price.

~ Capital requirement
Basically with 20k or less you can start up this business.
Coconuts can be purchased right off the farm from a farmer, this save lots of needed cash, as a piece can be gotten @N100 or less depending on the quantity.

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~ Equipments needed for this business is quite cheap as the only expensive one to purchase may be the food processor which cost about 5k-15k depending on brand and choice, aside this equipment others are low cost, and a matured coconut cost about N200 or N250 per piece, if not purchased in large quantity.

Bowls can be gotten @N500 0r less depending on size.
Containers comes in different sizes, get the obtainable size needed, it also comes in dozen price which is relatively cheap.

~ Competitors: As a startup business, study known brands, know what is obtainable in the business, do not feel the need to compare your new products with known brands, with consistency growth becomes inevitable.
Dominate areas around with your products, make it market friendly.

Improve on the lapses of other brands in advertising and other areas studying will enable you see.

1. Matured coconuts: these ones produces more oil than immature ones, and they can be identified by their totally brown husk unlike the immature ones that still has a mixture of green and brown.

2. Food processor / juicer

3. Sieve / cheese cloth

4. Bowl

5. Containers with lid

6. Little containers: this is essential as it enables you to store the oils into right sizes to sell.

Plan a strategy marketing skills to utilize, take a huge sample of beauty stores, natural hair stores, hairdressing shops, skin care stores, supermarkets, and a host of retail stores that can sell the product, supply to those stores on a price favorite to you, but not above expected cost.

Do not neglect the place of advert, use social media handles, give health talks on important of coconut oil and how people can get in touch to purchase it.
Also give the skin, hair and beauty benefits to appropriate audience, this tactics gives great sales in little or no time.

Do not forget also, print little flyers to drop in shops and various stores that has your supplies, customers can glance through and see the need to purchase the oil. Even a little wall poster can do the job.

Do you know?
Coconut oil can be produced in 5litres and 10litres sizes and  be sold as healthy cooking oil, for customers who wants healthy natural oil, one advantage of this oil as mentioned earlier is its ability to cleanse the heart and helps the liver get ride of waste easily.
This sizes aren’t common in the market, and it will be a good introduction to families and various cooking stores.

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Or you can own your own store, just for the sales and supply of the coconut oil, it becomes an outlet for retailers to buy in wholesales prizes.
Can also decide to partner with some retailers in other countries, where coconut oil isn’t in abundant, research on this and create good sales for yourself.

Coconut oil business is a lucrative business, and requires very little capital and labor except it’s being produced in large scale.

Remember, it can be a main source of income when time is dedicated to it, or a side business to support your 9-5 jobs, it requires dedication and planning just like every other business that must see the light of day.

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