How to Retain Your Best Employees as a Small Business Owner

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A good employee is to a small business what water is to a Fish.

The importance of a good employee to the growth and development of a business is highly enormous that it can’t be relegated to the background or undermine for any reason.

It is on this premise that I wish to educate small business owners on how not to only get the best out of their employees, but as well get them to stay with you without stress whatsoever.

As a small business owner, it’s necessary to understand that your competitors are on the lookout to poach your best hands and employees, just to ensure they have the best at their disposal.

If you own a small business and your employees will always hit the exit door without proper exit routine when you least expect them to, you embarrassingly get to find out they have been employed by your close competitors for the same services, most often when this happens, your business suffers defeat or setback?

If the above ticks the boxes for you, then read this guide as though it will never come your way again, I promise you will never regret you did.

Who is a small business employee?

This is a staff saddled with the responsibility of streamlining and carrying out the activities of a business, which could either be selling of goods or rendering services to customers.

An employee is on a payroll and is being paid by the business owner, thus who pays the piper dictates the tune. An employee is the worker you know in local parlance. You however stand the risk of losing your best hands to your competitors.

Who is a competitor?

These are businesses who serve the market with the same intent as you do.

Competitors rival you in delivering almost if not the same goods and services to the costumers.

It then implies that, they stand to be your potential threat should you undermine your best employee. In saner businesses, best employees’ advice the business owners on the possible channels to meet and surpass customer expectations.

They are your workers who have day to day interaction with your customers, they are veritable feedback channel you cannot afford to handle with kids gloves.

It’s through these employees you will get to know what the buyers think about your brand at large, correcting a defect timely will only leave you with happy customers.

Only a good employee with rare qualities can combine their duty with expertise to produce this result. This then leads us into taking a shot at some of the qualities a good employee possess and why he/she must be retained.

Qualities of a good employee

1. They posses integrity

The importance of integrity to a business cannot be underscored for any reason, an employee who does not have integrity will end up chasing your customers away with fraudulent practices.

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Assuming in a business area like the bank, you happen to employ a teller who lacks integrity, there are chances that the customers will always be under paid as such teller will always pilfer notes from packs and bundles for selfish interest.

Assuming the teller counts deposit from a customer with excess oblivion to the customer, such employee cannot return the excess, when the depositor eventually realizes he/she over pays the teller, such teller denies and will never give account of the excess in contest.

If as a bank customer, any of the above scenario happens to you, you’ll sure not be happy with the bank, and will tell it continuously to whoever cares to listen how such bank breeds criminals and all ill addresses.

The reputation of the bank in question will get damaged, why? It has an employee or a group of employees who are fraudulent in nature and lack integrity.

Nobody likes being lied to, not even your customers for any reason. The moment integrity eludes your business, you’ll gradually head to the rocks.

2. They are dedicated to duty

When employees are dedicated, they produce high quality work, it invariably leads to a significant impact. Dedicated workers truly understand they are part of a great deal of project than just their job function.

They look forward to expertise in other areas of business, by doing this they impact varying dimensions of the company.

Dedicated employees are the dreams and aspirations of every employer of labor.

3. They are punctual

Punctuality they say is “The soul of a business.” An employee who is punctual to duty understands the basis of the business objectives.

If an employee feels so reluctant about what the business does, its direction and how much attention it requires at the right time to succeed, such employees are not fit to occupy their positions, they should be hurriedly relieved of their duty before they kill the business.

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Punctuality they say is a sign of professionalism which helps one stand out as a sign of reliable and trusted employee. An employee who does not keep to time is a bad influence to others, being punctual shows a good reputation, consistent and dependable worker.

Boss talking to employees.
Business owner talking to employees.






4. They are disciplined

This approach warehouses so many good manners in work place. A disciplined employee is an exemplary employee, they set the pace while others follow.

To be disciplined is to imbibe by rules and regulations guiding the business, it’s being compliant with procedural policy that guides and informs work place behavior.

To be disciplined is to conduct yourself in a proper and acceptable manner irrespective of circumstances that suggest order wise.

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A disciplined employee is a brands valued condiments that gives it the acceptance it duly deserves unquestionably.

5. They require less or no supervision

When employees have a firsthand knowledge of what is expected of them, they’ll turn out to be experts in their job roles that they will hardly require any kind of supervision to work within acceptable standard.

They already understand their job roles, the business owner can attend to other pressing and demanding issues without fear as to whether the business is safe in their absence.

These are the types of employee you should work hard to keep at all cost. Nobody is indispensable, however, when they leave, they leave you with scares that may never get healed handy.

6. They play advisory role

A good employee has the ability to advice you on business ground, they interface with customers and know what these customers cherish the most.

A good employee form an excellent feedback channel you can rely on to make informed judgment on how to further position the business for maximum profit.

They always bring their A game to the table when necessary.


How to Retain Your Best Employees

No reasonable small business owner would love to lose their best hands whatsoever; you however ought to arm yourself with certain strategies and requisite knowledge on how to get them stay. Follow the below steps:

1. Motivate your employees – Motivation is the condiment that encourages performance in an employee. Your workers want to see you appreciate their efforts so far. It’s a duty on your path to encourage their effort with necessary motivations. A happy staff is a productive employee.

You can actually motivate them in the following ways:

You can motivate your employees by reorganizing their service, effort and commitment to the job. Appreciate their positive behaviors to work over time. A performance coach and employee engagement expert Liz Guthridge says, “People crave recognition. Recognition serves a worthwhile purpose. Recognition confirms you are doing the right thing and encourages you to keep doing it. The act of giving and receiving recognition makes both the giver and receiver feel good.” There should be a vote from your company for a team member that should be awarded for his/her performance. Recognition should be a regular routine, this way you will get your employees to stay. Give your independence, they should be able to carry out task without getting necessary instruction from you, it helps them feel entrusted with responsibilities, in turn motivates them to do more.

2. Appraisal and promotion should be strictly on performance – Employees should be appraised at the right time, title should be given to those who it’s due to no matter how far their relationship is with the business owner.

Appraisal is the process of looking into the score card of an employee to see how good their KPI’s have been, then followed by promotion if KPI is found accomplished and tasks delegated undertaken during a period under review to accepted standard.

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An employee who has not done well must not be favored ahead of those who have paid their dues no matter the relationship as mentioned earlier.

Adequate promotion uplifts the mind and sets the best employee on a part to create new records. These type of employees will hardly leave you, except when it becomes unavoidably necessary.

3. Organize training and workshop – Invest in your employees by allowing them attend training and workshops, it sharpens the mind, it puts them on a trendy part and good knowledge of what is required of them on the job.

Investing in them makes them feel valued and honored, this way you’ll earn their loyalty without losing them to your competitors.

4. Reward excellence – You can agree with the assertion that “Reward for excellence is more work.” Single out your best employees and give them befitting reward that gladdens the heart.

Rewarding hard-work gives birth to loyalty that will ultimately generate sales, it creates an emotional bonding in your workplace.

Employee reward is valuable for retention and commitment, a study shows that employees who are rewarded and recognized in their workplace are more engaged and highly inclined to stay longer, especially the best ones.


You don’t stand a chance of losing your small business employees to your competitors whatsoever if you abide by the above recommendations religiously. As a rule of thumb, treat all employees with equal and mutual respect, they all form your formidable workforce.

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