How to Save on the Must-Have Mobile Accessories for Entrepreneurs

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Small business owners and entrepreneurs have long been sold on the advantages of using a smartphone for business. Fast processing speeds and clever cloud-based apps are two features of smartphones that enable business owners to be fully reactive and responsive whenever or wherever they are.

Alongside that, you’re probably also using tablets and maybe even smartwatches, too. A full arsenal of integrated gadgets makes your business as agile as it could possibly be.

In addition, complementing your smartphone, tablet and smartwatch with accessories that enhance your abilities to stay in touch with customers, clients and colleagues, anytime or anywhere, makes a lot of sense. All of these gadgets add up, however. Which ones do you choose when your budget is squeezed and how do you get the best possible value for money?

We explain all this here.

First, here are the three absolute must-have tech accessories:

Wireless earphones

Wireless earphones work by using the bluetooth connection on your device. There’s no need to ever find yourself tangled up in wires or to have to fish out a raveled pair of headphones from your bag ever again.

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably well-used to the advantages of hands-free speaking on calls for business through earphones. They’re also a useless device for learning on the go, through listening to audiobooks or podcasts, or just for relaxing and listening to music on your breaks or to tune out distractions.

Wireless earphones make all that easier, without compromising at all on sound quality.

Phone and tablet cases

When you are super-reliant on your tech, it makes total sense to protect it as much as possible. You absolutely need good quality cases protecting your tablets and mobiles from bumps and scratches. A good case will lower the chances of an accident causing enough damage to render the device useless.

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A distinctive case also helps you to identify your devices in a crowd, making them that little bit harder to lose and a little safer from someone mistakenly picking them up.

Wireless charging or magnetic charging cables

More and more of us are choosing to charge our devices wirelessly. It makes perfect sense. You’ve probably lost count of the times you’ve had to lean awkwardly to charge your smartphone with its factory cable, your comfort dictated by the location of a socket and the length of the cable. Or perhaps you’re sick and tired of losing the end of the charging cable.

With a wireless charging pad positioned on your desk, it becomes much easier to scroll through info on your phone as it charges or to lift it off charge momentarily before replacing it.

Magnetic charging cables are also available for many devices now, including Apple watches. An alternative to wireless charging, they’ve been developed to make charging your device even more effortless. In the case of an Apple Watch, a magnetic end is attached to a USB cable. All you need to do is to roughly align the back of the watch, which has an internal magnet, with the end of the cable and feel them snap together. It’s a sealed system that uses inductive technology, so it is free from exposed contacts.

With wireless ports and magnetic charging, gone are the days of awkwardly fumbling around for the end of a cable. As charging systems, they’re quick, safe and great for keeping your devices topped up through the day.

How to get value for money on refurbished accessories

The latest tech products, including accessories, often come with a hefty price tag. When you don’t have the budget for the latest offerings but still want optimum quality, what are your options?

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Refurbished accessories

Refurbished electronics offer a way forward. These products are far from second-best. When buying from a reputable dealer, you are assured of a product that is restored and certified to be as good as new.

Refurbished products shouldn’t be confused with “used” or “second-hand” goods. “Refurbished” means that the gadget will have been closely inspected by an engineer, with any internal issues remedied as necessary. As such, they are guaranteed to be equal in quality and reliability to a brand-new product.

As well as refurbished tablets and smartphones, it is becoming easier and easier to buy refurbished accessories, too.

The advantages?

These products come with a lower price tag. However, you’ll still find that available warranties should match those of brand new products and they’ll be fully returnable, too. This gives the same high-quality product and equal peace of mind for a much lower price.

For example, it’s possible to purchase a pair of Beats wireless earphones from a refurbished tech dealer, fully certified and in their original box for significantly less (often for less than half their RRP brand new).

Buy from the right store and you’ll find products will have been checked cosmetically as well as technically. Reputable dealers of refurbished electronics aim to be completely transparent on any slight cosmetic flaws so you won’t be in for any nasty surprises.

The sustainability factor
Refurbished electronics and accessories will appeal to the entrepreneur aiming to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The electronics industry is known for its high turnover of products. It is thought that most of us are hoarding at least one unused but functioning gadget in our homes.

The manufacture of new electronics products has a high carbon footprint, too. The entire process beginning with the mining for raw materials through to distribution means that new electronics come with a high cost to our planet.

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Refurbished gadgets and accessories offer us an opportunity to replace or add to our stable of gadgets with a much clearer conscience.

Having the right accessories to accompany great mobiles and tablets can help your business operate even more slickly. But why undo hard work when it comes to streamlining costs and pay too much? Refurbished phones, tablets and accessories offer all the same benefits as new to the entrepreneur, but are significantly less damaging to your budget (and the environment as well).

Mirza Saqib Habib is the Business Manager at Dubai-based Teckzu, the perfect one-stop shop to discover, browse, and buy new and refurbished electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and accessories. Mirza comes from a strong E-commerce background with over 6 years of regional experience. He has helped kick-start many startups in the past and is passionate about using technology to facilitate a seamless digital user experience.

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