How to Set Up a Profitable Fruits Business – Detailed Guide

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Everyone has one or more fruits they would gladly spend their last cash to buy, due to the nourishing satisfaction and nutritional value they derive from the fruits.

Fruits business is one  business you can consider, if you are looking for a business with good demand and low start up capital.

Fruits business is easy to establish, as there are no much technicalities involved in it. Majorly, you need to know where to purchase fruits at wholesale prices.

For example, in Lagos Nigeria, the mile 12 market is the largest raw fruits market in Lagos, where to get all sort of fresh fruits and other foodstuffs. Also, Ketu Jakande market  is good too, and you can also get the product at Oyingbo Market where you can buy fresh fruits very early at dawn.

There are also specific markets all over the country, in different states where these fruits can be purchased at very low prices and sold to make good profit.

Health benefits of fruits

Some health benefits of consuming fruits are as follows:

1. Fruits improve heart health by providing steady source of flavonoids, carotenoids, fiber, potassuim and magnesium for the heart.
2. Fruits provides vitamins like vitamin K, A, C, B6, and E which helps regulate cholesterol levels and help prevents stroke, heart attack and other related diseases.
3. Fruits help in weight loss, as it contains 90% water.
4. Eating fruits helps to improve emotional well being.
5. Fruits supply energy to the body.
6. Eating of fruits helps improve the skin and promotes good hair.

Do you know that most of our grand parents lived longer during their days because they used  to consume a lot of fruits? They had  access to different fruits and vegetables and so they hardly fall sick.

However, in our days, we hear of so many diseases and sicknesses which may likely not have taken root in our body, if we had been consuming right fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables like carrots provide enough carotenoid that improves eye sight and fights off diseases responsible for short sightedness, and so many others.

How to establish the business of fruits

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1. Get a good location: ensure your location is a busy street or close to a bus-stop where different motorists and passers-by can quickly purchase your fruits and continue with their journey.

You can either rent a shop or have a container set up at the location which gives you easy access to store goods and prevent theft.

You can get carpenter to construct a shelf for display of the fruits in your shop.

2. Get the needed capital: The next thing after getting a good location is to find the needed capital.
Why do I say a little capital is required?  Because the capital involved in starting out a fruit business is not much. With as little as N5, 000, depending on how small or big you want to start, you can start the business.

Due to the perishable nature of some fruits, purchasing it in large quantities is likely not a smart business move. Therefore, it’s necessary to purchase little at first then increase your purchases as time goes on.

3. Get basic equipments: You would need equipments like knives, trays, tables to display your fruits, disposable plates to package fruit salads, toothpicks, and a rat proof cupboard to store the remaining fruits not on display.

Some fruits you can deal on

Fruits comes in different seasons of the year, but there are some fruits you can see all year round, while some appear in abundance in a certain period of the year.

Common fruits available for sales are:
Honey melons or golden melons
Cucumbers and many others.

Profit potential of fruits business

The business of raw fruits is profitable, once you prevent the spoilage of the fruits by not buying too much quantities.

Using oranges and an example, let’s estate the profit that can be made in the business.

A small basket of oranges can be bought for as low as N700 and it can contains 50 oranges. Selling 2 or 3 oranges at N50 ( which is often the case ) depending on the size of the oranges, some orange sizes can be sold for 1 piece at N50. So at 2 oranges for N50, you can make a profit of N550, after deducting the cost of purchase.

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Imagine purchasing 10 baskets of oranges at N700 each or at lower price, you could make a profit of N5,000 or more just on oranges alone.

Adding other fruits like pineapple, banana, apple, pawpaw, watermelon etc, which are also cheap to purchase can help to increase your profits for the day.

Sales are usually made daily and can be enhanced with the marketing tips we shall consider below.

Ensure fruits brought are sold completely, and shouldn’t exceed 3 days after purchase, aside the fruit that aren’t ripe. This is due to the low shelf life of raw fruits. There are some fruits like coconut that can be exempted but also not expected to spend a lot of time without being sold.

Success tips for fruits business

1. Get a shop at a strategic location where people/customers would easily have access to in order to buy from you. You stand a chance to sell more when your shop is located at a place where there is adequate pedestrian traffic.

2. Buy a variety of fruits in small qualities. This is because fruits are perishable items and could spoil if bought in large quantities and not sold on time.

3. Keep a clean and neat business environment. You are dealing on edibles and  if your business environment is dirty, people wouldn’t want to buy from you.

4.  Wash your fruitful to prevent faster spoilage. Dirty fruits might attract the multiplication of micro-organisms that causes fruits spoilage.

5. Store fruits away from direct sunlight to avoid faster spoilage.

6. Give good customer service to your customers.

7. Packaging is key. Irrespective of the size of the business, ensure you package your products well in order to attract customers or appeal to your customers.

8. Fruits start losing their freshness when they are constantly being moved from place to place. So endeavor to sell off all purchases before the third day.

Some marketing avenues for fruits business

1. You can arrange your fruit in form of fruits salads in transparent takeaway packs and go to offices to sell. You can also go to places where the staff have little time to get food. Ask them if you can come daily or at different times of the week to supply fruits to them.

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2. You can also sell your fruits at schools and hospitals. At school, emphasize the nutritional need for fruits to the management and students. At hospitals, supply it to staffs and patients. You can even ask the hospital management for a stand to sell fresh fruits to patients. If you can’t get a place inside the hospital, then consider getting a shop somewhere outside but close to the hospital.

3. You can also use various online and social media means to advertise and promote your business. Through this avenue, you can reach as much people as possible and gain more patronage.


Fruits business is lucrative because, most people love fruits due to their refreshing and nutritional value. Fruits are great sources of energy, vitamins, minerals and lots of other nutrients that are needed by the human body.

Like I said, fruits business is one  business you can consider if you are looking for a  business with good demand and low start up capital.

If you apply the success tips for raw fruits business given above, you should achieve great results and make more money from fruits business.

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