How To Start Getting Extra Income Today Through YouTube – A Comprehensive Guide

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Do you know you can make money from YouTube?

Have you ever wondered how?

Do you know how to setup your YouTube channel and upload videos?

What should you do on YouTube that helps you earn money regularly?

Perhaps, you are confused about the right content to put on your YouTube channel or what should be your focus while uploading videos?

Many and more of the above questions will be answered through this article.

Have you realized that some of your friends ask you to please subscribe to their YouTube  channel or you leave a comment or like the video you just watched.

Many celebrities like the comedians or motivational speakers have YouTube channels where they upload videos, whenever you view their videos, they make money. This is a great way of making money that many have taken advantage of.

YouTube is a video app owned by google, and has the largest collection of videos all over the world. Videos on various topic, products videos, language videos,  videos on how to’s and so on can be found on YouTube platform.
Some people post videos on YouTube for fun, but a lot have harness the opportunity inherent  to make money from the app.

The world is moving at jet speed and the major players and beneficiaries are individuals on digital space, creating valuable content for viewers.

Having various streams of income is the universal law of creating wealth.

Videos that trend on YouTube are:

* Tutorials (how to do’s),
* Language training,
* Dancing videos,
* Comedy videos,
* Short Movies etc…

Anything that you are comfortable to talk about and can easily explain, is good to go.

Let’s establish how to create a YouTube channel

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is simple, once you successfully sign up on YouTube, by the top right side of your app, click on my channel, create a playlist or upload a new video, a prompt will show requesting you create your channel, fill in the details and there you have it. Your channel is Ready!

You can also create a new channel, once you have an existing channel by clicking on create a new channel available on your list, don’t forget to select the Google account you want on the new channel.

How To Make Money From YouTube

1. Join YouTube Partner Program
This helps you to monetize your channel, read up the partnership program and agree to its terms and conditions. Click on YouTube studio, select monetization, click on it to follow steps to sign in and agree with the YouTube partner program.

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Before your channel gets approved, your YouTube channel must be up to a year old and have should have 1,000 subscribers or above, 4000 views in the duration of one year or more. This is a requirement put in place by Google to remove or reduce spammers from YouTube.

2. Apply for Adsense program: You can add your Adsense account to your YouTube channel to show regulated ads, you can add an existing one or a new one.

Also select the kind of ads you want to add to your videos, then confirm you want to monetize all existing video and future videos.

3. Google Ads: This is the most popular way of making money on YouTube, as you get paid according to the number of views you have on your channel.

As soon as you submit your application for YouTube partner program, and it gets review and accepted, you will receive a confirmation on your account.

4. Affiliate Marketing: You can engage in brands adverts, by using your channel to promote a product and get paid for it.

5. Premium Membership: Offer premium membership service to viewers, where they pay a certain amount as subscription fees to get exclusive content.

6. Personal Product Marketing: Use your YouTube platform to sell your own products, attach the link to your online store and get viewers visit your store to purchase what you have advertised.

11 Top Tips Which Every YouTuber Must Know To Succeed

1. Find your passion: This helps birth the kind of videos you put out, let your focus be on stuffs you are passionate about and can do over and again.

2. Unique Content: Be original, stay unique in what you produce, this keeps your audience glued to your channel.

Making good video takes time, but if you want to keep factorising every little error you make, you may end up not producing any video,

Haven’t you seen some videos that has thousands of viewers, yet the handler has a pronunciation problem. This tells you that mistakes happen, but over time with your unique content you will get it right.

3. Consistency: Continuous and timely upload of videos helps you get faithful viewers, as they will get to know you are consistent in uploading new things.

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In other to remain consistent with your uploads, take it as a weekly task to either make a video or two weekly. Consistency helps build your community of viewers.

4. Repetition: This applies to uploads of similar videos talking about the same thing, this act could easily kill the vibe of viewers and can get you tagged as a YouTuber with no new content.

When you record different clips of the same thing, choose the best of clips and upload, resist uploading two same clip.

5. Comparison: I see some YouTuber comparing their just growing channel with already existing ones, this comparison will demean your little efforts.
Appreciate your small start, those big channels started small to and grew into what they are.  Look to them for inspiration and learn.

6. SEOs and Tags: This is so important to any video you want to upload, give descriptive titles to your content, let it be straight up point. Example includes “me, searching for a homemade drink that allows me lose belly fat in days” the catchy title that attracts me was “Homemade recipes that burns stubborn belly fat in days”.

The above example speaks straight to my needs and I watched all videos relating to it.
Straight up titles gets you more views.

Be expressive with tags, for our above examples, if I am to tag it, it may include,
stubborn belly fat,
lose belly fat in days,
homemade recipes,
3days recipes for bellyfats,

Use your description box well, (that little box beneath any video upload) tell us what to expect with the video.

7. Image and Audio quality: This shouldn’t be a problem now, as you can video edit on your smart devices, with good audio quality that isn’t muffled by background sounds.

Choose a good phone or buy a camcorder if you want, to perfectly capture all moves.

A tripod stand is inexpensive to purchase, as it helps in putting your phone in place for steady recording.

9. Synergy: Synergies with other similar platforms, don’t start this immediately by trying to collaborate when you haven’t gotten a good stance on what you want to do.

10. Share your videos: Aside SEOs, another way of building followers is by sharing your videos on various social media platforms, after uploading the videos, there is an icon that allows you share with various platforms.

11. Criticism: If you are going to be a successful YouTuber, avoid taking negative criticism to heart, you will see comments like “crap video”, “No use”, “this is a waste of mb” etc. Brace yourself for these, don’t get discouraged by it, just know its a good sign, someone sees the video, get ready to improve and be the best you can.

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Find something you are good at, be consistent and create a niche for yourself, don’t undermine your efforts, treat YouTube as you do social media platforms, reply comments and have a call to action at the end of each video.

Like other social media platforms, you can target your ads and choose precise locations that should have it.

There’s a lot to learn and gain from YouTube, create viral videos and continuously engage your audience, have a plan of action, and be consistent in making videos, these tips helps you succeed as a YouTuber.
People who started with a hobby turned into their little hobby into tutorial.

Several people become brand influencers through YouTube, by sharing their videos, and getting various deals from companies, you can also do same, once you have built a number of followers, pay for targeted ads to promote your channel, get your tags and SEO’s right, it will keep attracting right subscribers to you.
With the right mindset and action plan, you will succeed as a YouTuber.

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