How To Start Snacks Business In Nigeria – A Comprehensive Guide

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Hello dear, do you know that snacks business is one of the fastest and easiest ways of getting returns on your money? With whatever amount you put into snacks business as start- up capital, you get the money back double or more depending on how skillful, efficient and consistent you are with the business. 

A snack is a small amount of informal food substance usually eaten between meals. There are different examples of snacks. In Nigeria , for instance, there are egg rolls, puff puff, buns, meat pie, doughnuts, fish roll, chin chin etc.

How to start the business

As I said, snacks business is a low-cost business you can do that requires little start- up capital but yields good returns.
With as low as 20k you can start-up the snacks business.

How?  You may want to know.
Here is the breakdown of what is needed to make a popular Nigerian snack called puff puff.

Ingredients for puff puff

1. Flour per paint rubber =N900
2. Sugar per derica  =N250 or less
3. Nutmeg=N50
4. Egg per crate=N700
5. Flavor per bottle=N150
6  Yeast per sachet=N50
7  Salt if you want =N50
8. Vegetable oil for deep-frying  =N2200 per 5litres

The beautiful part and economic side of this business is that the yeast helps you to double the quantity of flour you have mixed after leaving it for about 45 minutes.

The above are the basic ingredients needed for making puff puff.  When you want to increase and expand your business by including buns, you have to get eggs and butter which can be used for making doughnuts too. You just need to replace the yeast with baking powder.

How to make puff puff

In making puff puff;

1.  Get your warm water ready, set it aside, and mix flour with a little quantity of yeast so it doesn’t get too light in weight.
2. Add  salt or sugar ( depends on preference) and stir well.
3. Add  nutmeg and stir well.
4. Add warm water into the mixture.
5. You can add flavour and fresh grounded peppers if you desire.
6. Cover the dough for about 15-45mins
7. To know if the puff puff is ready to fry when you uncover it you will see bubbles on top of the dough.
8.  Start deep-frying until it’s golden brown.

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Note: Only deep fry. If you fry on a shallow oil, the puff  puff wouldn’t form well, and it may give you a flat puff puff. So deep fry to get the best results.

Marketing your puff puff

Puff puff is a snack that needs little or no advertisement. It draws attention to itself anywhere it is showcased. To sell up fast with good returns, you have to get a good location, because strategic location matters in this business.

For example, you can showcase your puff puff close to the entrance gate of a school, a bus-stop, a busy walkway, a busy road, even in your street and make good sales, because this business is self advertising, it attracts customers by itself. You will definitely get Frist time buyers, however, your skills, quality of product, customer relations, price and presentation will contribute to your level of patronage.

There’s no way you would not get patronage when you wake up in the morning and mix your dough, deep frying and showcase your  puff puff. Pupils will draw the attention of their parents to buy for them, even adults too will purchase from you.

A different approach to the business

You can be an employer of labour by actually using your little capital to get all things ready and get people who you can teach this skills or that have this skills already to do this lucrative job for you. You pay them as they are done with work or you pay them weekly depending on your agreement with them.

This business is so lucrative that you can use your proceeds from one outlet or space to open up another one, thereby you have people working for you without you doing the job.
This point of view is for those who need and want to expand. Imagine having 5 places you fry your puff and each of those places gives you like 20k every day that’s 100k. After removing your expenses and staff wages  you are still on the big deal. Think big and think expansion.

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Extra tips on how to succeed in the business

1. Maintain clean environment: You have to keep your environment clean all the time, so as to prevent flies around the production area.
Dirty environment makes you lose customer and once you begin to lose customers, your sales starts dropping. You have to try as much as possible to keep your environment clean as this will encourage more people to buy from you. This is important as people will walk up to you and the way your business premises looks like will either chase them away or make them buy more.

2. Manage different types of people: You will meet different types of people in form of customers; friendly, angry and indifferent customers. Your approach to all your customers must be friendly always. Don’t wear your personal problems on your face, instead put on a friendly disposition as it helps you sell.

3. Control your body sweat: Depending on what you want to use to fry the puff puff, doughnuts or buns, be it gas, stove or firewood, you will definitely sweat, and you have to be as clean as possible. Always have a handkerchief nearby to wipe your face or neck as the case maybe. Don’t use your hand to clean your face and at the same time stir the dough. This is bad and not good for business. Some people can be so forgetful and unknowingly customers are watching, so always try to use your hankie to wipe your face free from sweats.

4. Maintain good product quantity: If you started with a high standard for your puff puff, please don’t lower the standard especially when you have started receiving much patronage. If you lower your quality, loyal customers will know and leave, and a bad word spoken against your business will make it crumble.  Try and avoid this problem, maintain your standards and you will get more customers.

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5. Be consistent: Lack of consistency is the problem many entrepreneurs face while starting a new business.  You have to be consistent with your business to see the right  results. If you started with selling in the  mornings and evenings, continue that way because you would have created an impression in the hearts of customers that if they can’t buy in the morning, they will definitely buy in the afternoon.
I have seen a woman in my street, she fries her puff puff at one side of my street as early as 6:30am in the morning for pupils and people going to work. She does that till 4:30pm in the evenings as students are on their way back to their homes. She makes more than the salary of some bankers in a month, just by doing what she knows best to do all morning and afternoon without failing, even on a raining day or on a sunny day.  Be consistent.

I hope you enjoyed the article and you will do something with that your N20k lying idle.

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  1. Please I need ur assistant on how to fry that jam doughnut, I have been doing the hole ones, and customers are asking for the jam one’s, thanks for the good work

  2. this is lovely dear.. but I want to start with a smaller capital.. don’t really have up to 20k with me but I really want to start it up..please advice

    1. Dear grace, with as low as 10k you can start making snacks like chin chin and burns in small quantities from home, assuming you have some cooking utensils and with time you will grow bigger if you manage the business effectively.

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