Linda Ikeji – How This Young Lady Became Nigeria’s Wealthiest And One Of Africa’s Most Successful Bloggers

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It is no news that Linda Ikeji is the wealthiest blogger in Nigeria and one of Africa’s most successful bloggers. Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is the founder and CEO of She is a creative, enterprising, persistent and talented blogger known for her news on celebrities. She is an influential blogger in Nigeria and across Africa who came from a very humble home. She is another good example of the saying, “what a man can do, a woman can do better”.

Linda is an entrepreneur, blogger, writer, former model, Nigeria news carrier, a role model for youth and start-up entrepreneur. She always have her family at heart and never for once forgot her humble beginning. Some people upgrade their status and forget where they came from, which is one of the reasons some African parents would like to send their male children to school than sending their female wards. Here is the story of Linda Ikeji who never forgot her home. Although some people will say it is because she is not yet married, but if she would have,  she would have hustled just for herself while she was still a student.

Personal Life

Linda Ikeji was born on the 19th of September, 1980 into a christian family. She hails from Nkwerre, Imo state in Nigeria. She is the second of seven children of her parents. Writing, watching and listening to news and carrying out interviews are her hobbies. She started writing at age 10 and her stories were commended by family and friends.

At the age of 17, she completed her secondary school education  and engaged in different jobs to take care of herself, her schooling and to support her family. She took up part-time jobs like waitress, ushering in occasions, model and writer just to survive. At age 18, she enrolled as a student at  University of Lagos to study Mass Communication but fortunately for her, she was admitted into English Language department. She never relented in the support she gave her family even as a student.

In 1998, Linda ventured into modelling. She became a fashion columnist for a celebrity magazine then, she modelled for numerous companies including Rose of Sharon owned by Folorunsho Alakija and other fascinating fashion companies then. She was at ECOFEST and did advertisement for companies.

Linda is a personality who do not believe in having sex for money. In fact, she says to herself in those days, “the day I sell my body to a man for money, may God strike me dead”. She was  determined to make it in life all by herself without having to sell  her dignity.
She even had to leave lecture at 1pm to go sell drinks in a hotel bar till 10pm. It was not an easy one but that was the sacrifice she had to make to take care of herself and family.

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Starting her career

In 2004, she graduated from the university and continued with her hustling. She introduced her media called ‘Blackdove Communication’  which also consist of modelling agency and events management outfit. She signed up models, trained them and get them on the job. She gave up modelling in 2005 but, according to her, she still has a modelling agency but not managed by her.

In 2006, Linda ventured into blogging. As at that time, the internet wasn’t common  in Nigeria, so she goes to a cybercafe to make her post. In this same year, her story was posted on BellaNaija, and from there she understood that she could make her dreams come true through writing. She shared information that interest her with her readers especially celebrity gists and entertainment.

In 2007, she became an active blogger using the sub-domain and later obtained her domain She continued her struggling with her blog. She even asked her blog readers to bring their adverts to place on her blog for free. In fact, she didn’t know anything about advert rates until she learnt from other bloggers.

Linda announced her online TV network on August 22, 2016. The online network airs talk shows, reality shows, movies and TV series. She produces some of its programs and buys TV contents. She also has online radio broadcast operated from Linda’s media office having some of its programs broadcasted live on Linda Ikeji TV. she also has a social networking platform called

As usual, her success did not flow easily. On 8th of October, 2014, Linda’s blog was shut down subject to a copyright case filed against her by Google through Mr. Aye Dee. From findings, he was Linda’s former mentor and felt jealous when Linda became famous and dumped him. There are so many allegations levied against Linda especially for prying into celebrities private lives.

She was threatened legally and through verbal assaults from popular actors like Funke Akindele, Jim Iyke, Stella Damascus, Djimon Honsou, Wizkid, Tonto Dike, Richard Mofe and the rest. Although she falls guilty in some aspect. Most times, the post on her blog might not be too interesting but the comments on the post are really controversial and interesting.

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Today, Linda Ikeji’s blog is one of the most visited blogs in Nigeria and Africa. From having 200 visits per day, she receives 1 million visits daily now from around the world. According to , as at November 2018, Linda Ikeji’s blog is worth about $66 million.

Linda Ikeji is among the Africa’s richest bloggers with her blog being among the top blogs in Nigeria and Africa. She earns from advert placements on her blog by top Nigerian companies and entertainment business outfits.

In 2011, Linda bought a 2008 Toyota Camry, a car she has been dreaming of for about 2 years. She made savings for only four months and bought her dream car which she showcased in her blog. Work until you are able to get that dream thing you want! Lately, she added an infinity FX35 SUV which cost N8 million to her car fleet. She got a multi million 5 bedrooms duplex for her parents in Lagos.

Apart from acquiring all these properties for herself and family, she runs a non-profit project tagged # I’d rather be self-made; No thank#. Through this project, she assists 16 -25 years aged girls with business ideas and willing to venture into entrepreneurship. N10 million was given out in the phase one of the project.

Forbes Africa dedicated to celebrating African women in August 2012, and listed Linda Ikeji among 20 most prominent women. In 2013, Linda received Nigerian Blog Award (NBA), Best Entertainment Blog, Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award and Website/Blog of the year. Linda Ikeji was the biggest search trend in Nigeria in 2014. In 2018, she was honoured with a Doctorate degree in Trinity International University in Georgia for her outstanding work in Business and media in Africa.

Linda’s advice to young girls: “if you are strong, you are beautiful, there is nothing you cannot achieve on your own. God has given you something no one else has. Find what it is and build yourself. Do not worry about what other girls around you have. Dignity is far more valuable than a Range Rover. Make it in life on your own terms and as your own woman, so that you can look back one day and be proud of who you were and who you are”.


Linda Ikeji came from a poor background, but through persistence, hard work , commitment and dedication, she was able to rise from bottom to top of the ladder of success in her career. As a young girl, she believed that she have something worthwhile to protect which is her dignity.  Linda encourages young girls to abstain from sex because of material things. If  she could make it this far, young girls can.

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As a parent and guardian, it is your responsibility to take care of your children and wards. Only those who have being through the four corners of the University will be able to understand this – especially the females.  Try to send them enough money to take care of themselves and if the money is not there, try to reach out to them frequently through phone calls or text messages to show them that you have them at heart. These will go a long way to always remind them where they come from and caution them when trying to make wrong decisions. Although, those who have made up their minds to be wild only takes grace of God to not go wild. I must confess, Linda is really a strong and determined lady and she is reaping the fruit of her labour.

Although, Linda gave birth to a baby boy outside marriage in 2018, after much criticisms from social media about going contrary to her advice to young girls, she opened up saying that she had always wanted to have achieved two things when she turned age 36: to be a mum and a wife, but with the fear of meeting her menopause, she had to get pregnant and give birth to a child to become a mom.

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