Over 200 Unique Business Ideas for Everyone

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It all begins with an idea. Ideas rule the world. Here is a list of unique business ideas for you. Don’t limit yourself. None of the ideas is too big for you to achieve. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you are passionate about any of the ideas but feel it is beyond your capacity, then seek for help. You can also partner with someone to achieve them.

To achieve your dream business, start-up funds should not be a problem as we have shown you in our article, how to raise start-up capital for your business.

  1. Beauty Salon
  2. Hotel & guest house
  3. Freelance Writer
  4. Daycare Services
  5. Restaurant Services
  6. Building Materials Sales
  7. Supermarket
  8. Grocery Store
  9. Fitness Center
  10. Sports Center
  11. Bakery
  12. Bottled Water production
  13. Barbing Salon
  14. Hair Dressing/ Hair Stylist
  15. Sports Center
  16. Unisex Salon
  17. Transport Services
  18. Wholesale and Major Distributor
  19. Poultry farming
  20. Crop farming
  21. Cassava flour production factory
  22. Garri processing factory
  23. Plantain Chips Production factory
  24. Auto Mechanic Company
  25. Home/Office cleaning Services
  26. Undertaker Services
  27. Insurance Company
  28. Safety consulting Company
  29. Architecture Company
  30. Pharmacy Shop
  31. Plumbing Services
  32. Home/Office Electrician
  33. Airport Taxi services
  34. Wedding/ Events planning services
  35. Canopy and chairs Rental Services
  36. Primary/Secondary School
  37. Carpentry Shop
  38. Welding and Fabrication company
  39. P.O.P and PVC Ceiling expert
  40. P.O.P and PVC Ceiling manufacturing company
  41. Air conditioning/Refrigeration Expert
  42. Tiles manufacturing company
  43. Tiles installation expert
  44. Textile manufacturing company
  45. Shoes Manufacturing Company
  46. Hand gloves manufacturing company
  47. Aluminum Roofing Sheets manufacturing company
  48. Graphic designing company
  49. Computer training Institute
  50. Home tutor business
  51. Lawn care company
  52. Floral Sales and management company
  53. Waste Disposal and Management Company
  54. Blogger
  55. Accounting firm
  56. Auditing firm
  57. Courier Services Company
  58. Errand services company
  59. House Keeping Company
  60. Social Media manager/ managing company
  61. E-commerce reseller company
  62. Website Designing company
  63. House Painter expert / company
  64. Makeup Artistry / Consultant
  65. Musical band
  66. T-shirt Designer Company
  67. Photographer / Video Coverage Business
  68. Car wash Services
  69. Motivational/Public Speaking Firm
  70. Coffee/Tea Cart operator business
  71. Dance Instructor (Institute)
  72. Affiliate Marketer
  73. E-book Author
  74. Interior Decorator Business
  75. Proof reading firm
  76. Furniture Maker / Company
  77. Pool Cleaning company
  78. Brick manufacturing factory
  79. Resume Services
  80. Boutique Business
  81. Translator
  82. Art Gallery Center
  83. Catering Services
  84. Hospital
  85. Driving School
  86. Skill Acquisition Center
  87. Ice Cream Shop
  88. Jewelry designer
  89. Logo designing Company
  90. DJ Services
  91. Financial Planner
  92. Soap and cream production
  93. Car Reseller
  94. Career Councilor
  95. Editing Services
  96. Hat Making business
  97. Life Coaching
  98. Human resources Services Company
  99. Irrigation Services
  100. Smart phones repair services
  101. Mobile App creator
  102. Content marketing services
  103. Domain Name Trading
  104. Internet Researcher
  105. Content Writer
  106. Online games designer
  107. SEO Specialist
  108. Advertising Agency
  109. Apartment Building owner/leasing business
  110. Shopping Mall owner/ leasing Business
  111. Air Charter Service
  112. Commercial real estate broker
  113. Corporate Insurance Broker
  114. Concert promoter
  115. Demolition Company
  116. Road Construction Company
  117. Crane/lifting Service
  118. Fund Raising firm
  119. Home health care services
  120. Meal Preparation services
  121. Mobile billboard services
  122. Cold room Services
  123. Music instrument leasing
  124. Power generating sets leasing
  125. Events Center Leasing
  126. Elderly People’s Home
  127. Nanny Services Company
  128. Shipping/freight forwarding services
  129. Logistics services
  130. Car rentals services
  131. Weight loss center
  132. Laundry / Dry Cleaning services
  133. Employee leasing services
  134. Clock / watch repairs services
  135. Security services Company
  136. Pest control services
  137. Property management Services
  138. Storage services
  139. Uniform production services
  140. Babysitting services
  141. Business plan writer
  142. Hauling services
  143. Café business
  144. Dog trainer
  145. Veterinary services
  146. Food delivery services
  147. Formal Wear rentals services
  148. Printing press
  149. Nutritionist consulting business
  150. Computer repairs
  151. Household doctor
  152. Golf coach
  153. Import/Export Specialist
  154. Solar Panel Production and Installation company
  155. Power Inverter company
  156. Plastic Chairs & Table company
  157. Generator Sets Repairs Company
  158. Biros Production factory
  159. Plastic bags production factory
  160. Exercise books production factory
  161. Batteries production factory
  162. Tooth brush production factory
  163. Nails production factory
  164. Electronics/appliance repairs
  165. Desktop publishing services
  166. Medical laboratory services
  167. Massage Therapy services
  168. Cooking gas station
  169. Petrol station
  170. Light bulb production factory
  171. Tires production factory
  172. Micro-finance bank
  173. Glass manufacturing company
  174. PVC toilet manufacturing company
  175. Retail Store chain
  176. Toilet paper production company
  177. Scrap metal Business
  178. Animal feed production business
  179. Online Tutoring
  180. Mobile Toilet company.
  181. Pet Sitting
  182. Web development services.
  183. Virtual Assistant
  184. Travel consultant
  185. Online Dating consultant
  186. Online News correspondent.
  187. Freelance Proof reader/ Editor
  188. Tour Guide
  189. Ghost Writing
  190. Do-It-Your-Self Teacher
  191. Modeling
  192. Recycling Company
  193. Brand Ambassador
  194. Sachet water production
  195. Children’s toys production
  196. Cooking Utensils and cutlery production
  197. Fertilizer production factory
  198. Ice blocks production
  199. Fruit Juice production
  200. Beads and ornaments production
  201. Cassava chips production
  202. Yoghurt production factory
  203. Pesticide and insecticide production factory
  204. Eggs production
  205. Charcoal production
  206. Palm Oil Production Company
  207. Paint Manufacturing Company
  208. Disposal Cup manufacturing company
  209. Adhesives manufacturing company
  210. Perfume/ fragrance manufacturing company
  211. Sales & Distribution of Hospital equipment.
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When you have chosen your business idea , the first thing you should do is to write a business plan.   A business plan will help to refine your business idea and guide you to achieve it.

We will keep updating this ideas bank. Keep checking our website for information on this. You can also generate more ideas yourself. If you want to learn how to generate more business ideas, see : How to Generate Business Ideas Easily.

How do I raise the capital to start a business ? 

See 12 effective ways you can raise capital for business. 

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What other business ideas do you think we have not covered in this article? Let us know and we will add them to this list.  Feel free to ask any questions you wish using the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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