Simplified Guide On Starting A Hair Dressing /Make-up Business In Nigeria

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Hair dressing/make-up business is one business that doesn’t require much capital to start and it has very good demand. The business can give you daily income just by beautifying people.

Starting up a hairdressing business is quite easy and the benefits are numerous, because you can choose to start small or big depending on your capacity and the location you want to pitch the business. Also, if you’re very skilled at what you do,  your previous jobs will bring you more work, and your customer relations abilities will help you retain both old and new customers.

Before venturing into the business you might want to consider some of these:

1. How well you want your business to grow.

2. The location you want for your business.

3. Kinds of clients you need.

4. Strategies to bring you the right clients, it could be through adverts etc.

5. Decorating your business premises to attract the right customers  you seek.

6. Plan, plan and plan again. If you don’t have a business plan on how you want your business to grow, the stages it will go through and so on, you may not know if your business is growing or not.

7. Have a good accounting system, record profits and expenses, and from your profits set aside amounts to reinvest into your business and amount to be used as expense, then always remember to save a little from every profit made.

How to start  hair dressing business

1. Learn the skills: You can put yourself under tutelage from someone already in the business and has good patronage for various styles. This will enable you learn as much as you can from the person and you will also learn how to go about establishing your own hairdressing business.

You can also improve your skills by watching DIY videos online or videos of specific styles you haven’t tried, look for a relative or close friends you can use their hair to practice till you get good at different styles.

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2. Look for a space to start up: This is the second thing you must do after learning the skills, you can start with the space in your apartment or any good space available in your neighborhood that will cost you little or nothing.

3. Get the needed equipment: Usually, handheld devices are not expensive to purchase :

  • You can get a hand dryer for N3500
  • Hand stretcher cost about N3500
  • Needles and thread cost about N500
  •  Attachments and weavons can be brought later on, or it could be purchased in little quantity as customer’s requests.

How to start make-up Business

This business is all about beautification.
Beautifying your clients face for different occasions.

There are different make up for different occasions, you get to see bridal makeup, traditional wedding makeup, daily work makeup, carnival makeup, daily simple makeup, nude makeups etc.

Each of this make up has their unique appeal to the occasion it’s for, and it is important that anyone who wants to go into the makeup business should be someone who loves makeup, loves looking good, and like others looking good too.

The person should have a drive before going into the craft and be ready to always satisfied your clients.

Starting up a make up business is almost like hair dressing business, where you look for an individual good at it to teach you the skills or you enroll in an academy to learn and also get their certification.

Beauty business can be practised anywhere, you may not necessarily need a space to show case your skills cause you can start this business at the comfort of your home, unless you want to go into selling makeup products then you can rent a space big enough to display varieties of makeup products and also have a mini studio ladies/women can sit in to have their face beat.

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How to start make-up business

Get your make up products for all skin types:

  • You will need different colors of brown powder from color 1-4.
  • You will need different foundations ranging from color 1-4 too.
  •  You will need a set of makeup brushes, the most common is a 24 pieces set of brushes that has different forms of brush for all part of the face. This brush set helps you highlight and contour your clients face very well and allows you to achieve the look you want. And it is cheap to afford.
  •  You will also need to get different highlighters and contour palette kits for your business. This kits helps you define your clients faces well.
  •  You will need to get different eye shadows palettes , glitters and glitter glues, and any other good face definition powders.
  • Remember to get eye lashes of different lengths and sizes for any client that will request for it.

With the above listed beauty kit you can start your makeup business and you could make huge profits from this business pending on where your location is.

Success Tips on Hair Dressing and Makeup Business

1. You can combine the two business together, in a way that you can finish styling the hair of a client and at the same pace, you do the makeup to suit the occasion the client is going for.

2. You can use one shop space for the both business and make good profit from the two skills.

3. You can get apprentices to learn the both skills from you and pay you for the skills you teach.


You need to have a motivator or mentor that will encourage you and also help you grow your business. Select mentors that are successful in your line of business and learn from them.

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Do not neglect starting small like I always say, hair dressing and make-up business grows at whatever pace you want it to grow.

The most important thing never to forget is to dream, dream big, never stop dreaming, and never back down in following your dreams.

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