The Key Elements of a Real Estate Purchase Agreement

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A real estate purchase agreement is an essential document between two parties, such as the person who sells the house and the person who buys the same home or other property. To purchase the home or property, the two parties should have some legal capacities.
The agreement will be created based on some legal considerations. The consideration mainly focuses on the amount of money to be paid by the buyer to the seller irrespective of what real estate properties they are exchanging. Here we will discuss some crucial real estate components of an agreement.

Identifying the Address and Parties involved

The first important thing that has to be included in a real estate purchase agreement is the exact address of the property along with clear descriptions of the same. A contract must have the original details of both buyer and seller as an identity. Buyers can also mention their kind of tenancy they want like a joint tenant or common tenants.

Other Contract Components

In addition to the above mentioned vital factor, the real estate purchase agreement  also includes the following details:
●A clear description of the real estate property along with the signature of both parties
● All the needed details of the property along with rights and obligations
●Clear point about the price and terms, which means the price accepted by the seller offered by the buyer along with cash payment methods. Any contingencies or conditions that have to be met by the buyer before going through the sale process.
●Another crucial point in the sale and purchase agreement is the date of closing for the sale of a property.
●Closing costs which mean that has to pay for closing. Such charges will also be shared equally by both buyer and seller in some cases.

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Earnest Money Requirements

A sale and purchase agreement also includes earnest money requirements. This money is used to confirm the deal, that the buyer will buy the property by paying total earnest cash as an advance amount. Buyers are expected to spend at least the actual amount of 1000 dollars. Some sellers will try to add some conditions mentioning that they will return the earnest payment if the buyer doesn’t buy the house due to financial issues. But in some agreement, some sellers will indicate the point that they will refund the earnest amount if the buyer is not meeting the key factors.


There is a list of emergencies such as a loan contingency, inspection contingency, etc.

Loan contingency

Loan contingency means the buyer has to provide the details regarding the type of loan arranging for buying the property. Such circumstances have to be furnished, which will allow the buyer to go out of this contract when the buyer is not able to arrange the finance.

Inspection contingency

An inspection contingency will allow the buyer to come out of this contract when their professional house inspector sees any crucial problems in the property or house. For such inspection, the seller should allow the access of their property, but he will not pay for an investigation, and the buyer itself will pay it.

Appraisal contingency

Another thing, the buyer can ask the lender for a lower purchase price. This is possible when the appraisal given by the seller is not covering the listed value of the property. In such a situation, the seller has to take care of the repairs and other matters related to health and safety. Again when the buyer is not satisfied with this condition, he has the right to cancel the agreement.

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Required Disclosures

Sellers are not allowed to disclose some crucial information about the property that will cause some problems to the buyers in the future. It is illegal to hide the known defects and impacts which will leave the buyer’s health at risk. Some of the things that the seller has to inform clearly to the buyer include well disclosure, lead paint disclosure, termite damage, personal interest, subsurface sewage disposal system, etc.

Delivery, Acceptance Date, and Offer Expiration

Both the buyer and seller have to know about the expiry date of the sale and purchase agreement. Such information also needs to be provided in the contract. Also, the seller has the right to withdraw the sale offer before giving the notice to the buyer. But if they are good at communication by accepting all the terms and conditions by both seller and buyer, then the offer will be available. When both parties are ready for the deal, then the offer becomes a legal bond agreement. To know about the terms of the agreement, both parties can refer to the sale and purchase agreement, where it is given in detail. Such an agreement will be given to both parties after they are accepting the offer.

Thus, the above-mentioned vital factors are essential when you are buying or selling your properties or houses. These components will help you to ask your requirements at the buyer or seller when making real estate deals.

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