Top Five Ways You Can Start Making Money Online On Slourish

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The phrase “make money online” is one of the most discussed and overused topics today on the internet but does it make it less enticing? Plain No. This is due to the fact that the internet is a large limitless community of people around the world filled with a hunger for money as well as countless opportunities. However, being part of the winning team is a topic yet to concluded upon.

Out of the millions of people browsing the net today, only a very handful of them have actually made a few pennies. It’s not been easy and it may never be. Yes, lots of entrepreneurs have built their empire over the internet and some smart individuals are also earning thousands of dollars daily but the rest? They spend half their time on social media or chasing ghost opportunities. A lot of people have actually given up and lost faith in the online income streams.

How do you really make money online?

When it actually comes to earning a living off the internet, there are three major ways.

1.Sell something online: For someone to give you his/her money, you mostly have to give him/her something back in return. This exchange of goods for money is selling but it’s not limited to goods. Well, to make money this way means you will have to consider eCommerce, drop shipping, creating your own digital products etc. You can do this as an individual or start a business in this regard which can grow to a multinational billion-dollar brand like Jumia. You actually have to be selling something in order to make money this way otherwise, you partner with someone who has the goods to sell.

2. Offering a service: When you don’t plan to sell anything, the next possible option is to offer a service (you are still basically selling your services). At this point, one thing comes to mind – freelancing. Yes, can also build a million-dollar business this way by building a brand that offers a service. There are currently lots of people running such businesses online today. A typical way to do this is to start a SAAS company or just launch platforms like VConnect, Jobberman,, etc. All these are service-based internet businesses but as an individual, you could just start a course, blog, affiliate marketing etc.

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3. Executing proven tasks: This doesn’t really deserve its own category as the chances of making good money this way is very low but still, many people work online and by this, I’m not evenly talking about freelancing. Remember all those websites that pay people for reviewing products? Well, many people spend their days making money online this way. They don’t sell any product or offer any service. They just log onto the internet to work! Examples here are participating in online surveys, getting paid for interacting on websites etc. You could still build a business this way by partnering with the platforms to outsource the take to you and putting together a team of people who will carry out the tasks.

While there are countless ways and strategies to effectively bank in on the various online money-making methods, not everyone can match the same hustle spirit. Hence, people have to cave their own niches or cash in on something they can easily work on while others continually create simpler and less competitive opportunities to aid the ever-growing hungry online marketers. Slourish is one of those creators that has built a few more ways for you to conveniently earn off the internet.

How do you make money online through Slourish?

Just in case this is the first time you are coming across the Slourish platform , it is a crowd-investing community housing thousands of micro-investors, entrepreneurs and other entities who are working together in building their favourite brands. According to the Latii Brayllot; the CEO, Slourish helps you raise funds, earn, manage and grow your money in a few clicks.

1. Crowd-invest your startup

This one is the obvious option as it’s the basis behind what the platform is all about. This basically means if you have a business you are working on, you could actually make good money from it by raising funds for it through To get started you only need to submit your business and the Slourish Team will vet and grant you access to creating your own business funding campaign. Once your campaign is live, members will start funding your project in a few clicks.

2. Hashed Profit Share program

Participate in the Slourish HPS program which is designed to help you grow your money. This is of the perks of being a member of Slourish. Since the launch of this program in late 2018, the hundreds of participants disclosed by Latii Brayllot have only proven how effective it is. The program is the first of its kind in the country as it allows users to earn monthly interest on their funds which they can cash out anytime. In simple terms, to participate you only need to fund your HPS account and your money starts attracting lots of interests on a monthly basis. Some people mistake it for fixed deposits but fixed deposits don’t allow you to withdraw your funds till the end of the duration.

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3. Insights contribution program

Though quite new to Slourish, this program allows participants to be rewarded for sharing their insights on the platform. This is in a bid to encourage more intuitive interactions on the platform. As clearly stated on the platform, Slourish will pay you for every meaningful topic, comment and reply you post in the community. They want to keep the platform brewing with educative, informative and insightful interactions for the less enlightened to be more knowledgeable in business, investing, finance and all relevant ‘make money’ topics. To benefit from your interactions this way, you simply have to enroll your Slourish account for the program.

4. Slourish Review Program

This program was also recently added to the platform but it seems they should have created this first as it allows participants to cash out endlessly just for saying what they love about the platform. The aim of the program is to help people see how Slourish could be beneficial to them and the best way to this is to encourage people already using the platform to say what they like about it. But as rewarding as Slourish is, they don’t want you to review them for free so, they are always ready to issue out payments of up to N30k per great reviews and one participant can send in several reviews and be rewarded just as many times.

5. Slourish Affiliate Program

We are all aware of what affiliate marketing is but when it comes to Slourish, the process comes with more earning potential. Slourish pays per click, per sign-up and up to N10k per conversion. Most importantly, it’s recurring because you earn multiple times from each referral. That is, a single referral could convert many times allowing you to cash out multiple times from each referral. This is perhaps one of the most flexible affiliate programs I’ve come across especially since there’s no minimum withdrawal and affiliates can cash out anytime.

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There are also a few other packages being incorporated into the platform such as loan acquisitions (this is good for your business), Savings Trust (useful for creating a saving culture) and many more. Slourish pays through PayPal and Local bank account is awesome. Now you know five more ways to make money online and Slourish just happens to provide a more simplified medium for you.

What are your views and experiences about this new crowd investment platform, Slourish? Kindly let us know using the comment section below.

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